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10 Best Unicorn Stuffed Animals You Can’t Resist

Looking for the ultimate unicorn plush that stands out in a crowd of cuddles? You’re in luck! We’ve scoured the land of plushies to bring you the softest, most magical unicorns out there. These aren’t your average stuffed toys; they’re the best of the best, ready to add a sprinkle of enchantment to your day. So, if you’re hunting for that perfect blend of charm and comfort, stick around as we unveil the unicorns that everyone’s falling head over hooves for.

Goth Black Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Goth unicorn plush
Best for: This unicorn plush can be put in your home for decoration or given to someone who loves this goth style.
Special Features: The unicorn plush is an all-black unicorn stuffed animal, giving it a gothic look. The unicorn is posed sitting on the ground, making it suitable for placement as a decoration.
  • Unique lace fabric
  • Perfect size for cuddling 
  • Can be a decorative piece
  • It might not appeal to those seeking a more traditional.

Goth Skeleton Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Best for: This goth unicorn stuffed animal looks like a knight which can be placed in the entrance doorway or living room for decoration.
Special Features: The unicorn stuffed animal has intricate skull markings on its chest. I have a friend who loves them, and I gave him this as a gift last year, and he especially loved it.
  • Crafted with smooth minky fabric materials, it ensures durability.
  • A blend of unicorn and gothic aesthetics.
  • Need to be placed on a flat surface.
  • Its tail wrinkles easily and needs attention.

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White Goth Unicorn Stuffed Animal

White lace fabric unicorn elegant stuffed animal PlushThis

Best for: This unicorn plush toy is an ideal wedding present for a bride, especially because it comes with a veil.
Special Features: The white gothic unicorn plush has a unique design, it is all white in color. It has an intricate lace pattern and delicate flowers, blending classic beauty and modern style for a striking look.

  • Very detailed craftsmanship
  • It’s perfect as a decorative piece


  • The pure white fabric may not be easy to clean.
  • It requires gentle handling to maintain its intricate detailing.

Cute White Unicorn Plush

Best for: This cute all-white unicorn plush is the perfect companion for your little one.
Special Features: This unicorn plush has tiny eyes and big wings. It also has very long spiral horns on its head. Plus, its pure white furry material makes you want to touch it.


  • Can be used as a storytelling prop.
  • Premium rabbit faux fur
  • Incredibly soft and safe for your child.
  • perfect size to hold in your arms.


  • Require regular cleaning.

Cute Giant Blue Adorable Soft Narwhal Stuffed Animal

Best for: This giant Narwhal stuffed animal is suitable for all ages.
Special Features: The narwhal is like a magical unicorn of the sea! It's so fascinating how this real creature is often mistaken for a mythical creature. Its soft texture is perfect for a cushion or pillow. The smile on her face is going to cure everything.

  • Super soft
  • detailed craftsmanship


  • too big for baby

 Cute White Pink Unicorn Plush

Best for: With its elegant white and pink hues, this plush unicorn can be a good home decor. And this unicorn plush can also be an excellent gift for your friends.
Special Features: This fluffy white unicorn plush with wings is absolutely adorable. The soft white fur gives it a cloud-like appearance, and the pink mane, tail, and wings provide a lovely contrast, capturing the essence of unicorns' beauty.

  • Premium rabbit faux fur makes a ultra-soft touch
  • Kind to sensitive skin


  • Easy to get dirt or stains

Cute Pink Unicorn Mythical Creatures Plush

Cute Pink Unicorn Mythical Creatures Plush

Best for: This unicorn is elegant, like a princess, and is perfect for home decoration. It is also great as a gifting option.
Special Features:This pink unicorn stuffed animal is a piece of art with its captivating black and white contrast, accentuating its grace, while the soft pink lace adds a touch of elegance.

  • Ultra elegant
  • A great decor


  • Not so easy to clean 

Cute Giant Unicorn Plush

Cute Giant Unicorn Plush

Best for: Adorable unicorn plush for all unicorn lovers. It also makes an ideal home decor item.
Special Features: Standing tall at 35.4", this unicorn stuffed animal is crafted from rabbit faux fur, giving it an incredibly soft feel. 

  • Large size attracts attention anywhere.
  • The rabbit faux fur provides a soft and comfortable touch.


  • Can not wash in a washing machine

Cute Colorful Soft Bright Cheerful Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Best for: This unicorn plush toy is great for babies. It's soft and cuddly and makes your baby feel like it's a cozy angel.
Special Features: This unicorn plush toy is made of ultra-soft material and stands 15.7 inches tall, making it the perfect cuddle buddy. It comes in bright colors and adorable star patterns!

  • Comes in two colors, catering to different preferences.
  • Perfect for babies.


  • Require frequent cleaning

Adorable Colorful Whimsical Cuddly Unicorn Stuffed Animal

cute unicorn plush toy

Best for: Your baby will love this adorable companion.
Special Features: This unicorn stuffed animal hasthree delightful colors: white, purple, and pink colors. 

  • The plush material is soft and very comfortable to cuddle with.
  • The colorful design is a visual treat that stimulates your baby's senses.


  • Not easy to clean



Unicorn stuffed animals can help spark your imagination and bring happiness into your life. We've put together a list of the top 10 options that are sure to charm you with their unique qualities. Whether you're looking for a soft and cuddly friend for a child or a fanciful addition to your collection, you're sure to find something magical among these unicorn stuffed animals. If you’re interested in a wider variety of stuffed animals beyond just unicorns, PlushThis offers an extensive selection. Feel free to explore!

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