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Cute Black Devon Rex Cat Plush

Cute Black Devon Rex Cat Plush

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Product Description

This charming Black Devon Rex Cute Cat Plush captures the essence of the unique breed with its large ears and golden eyes. The plush’s soft, fluffy fur is inviting to the touch, perfect for endless cuddles. With a compact size, it fits comfortably in the arms of a child or decorates a cat lover’s space with ease. The detailed artistry is reflected in its lifelike posture and expressive face, making it a delightful gift for both young ones and adults. Its quality craftsmanship ensures that this plush will be a durable and cherished companion for years to come.

Product Details

Size: 13"(33cm)
Fabric: Shaggy faux fur fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

The Design & Craft Process

PlushThis devon Rex cat

You might already know that PlushThis toys are designed using AI technology. After the AI art is made, real stuffed animals are created to bring the design to life. We were thrilled to see that the Devon Cat toy turned out to be 98% similar to the AI art.
Check out the pics: the left one is the AI art and the right one is PlushThis's real-life plush toy.
Isn't it the cutest thing ever? We'll keep working hard to create more beautiful toys like this one. If you love the Devon Cat, order now and get a limited-time discount!

Features & Benefits

  • Velvety Texture: Soft to the touch for comfort and sensory pleasure.
  • Durable Construction: Well-crafted to withstand love and play.
  • Perfect Size: Ideal for cuddling and easy to carry on adventures.
  • Versatile Gift: Suitable for a wide range of occasions and recipients.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Torey Fishe

I got this new Devon Rex cat stuffed animal, and it's freaking adorable! It looks just like my actual cat. The quality is pretty darn good too.

Buster Stoltenbe

This plush is everything! So soft, so cute, and those eyes are mesmerizing. Its like having a real Devon Rex and it looks cool with my motorcycle.

Johnny Thie1

Bought this for my daughters birthday, and now Im the favorite parent! She hasnt put it down since she unwrapped it. Good!


The attention to detail on this plush is perfect C from the eyes to the paws; its like a work of art that you can also cuddle! I love it!

Glen Kovace
so soft and cuddly

I was blown away by how realistic this plush looks while being incredibly soft to the touch!