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Cuddly buddies delivered to your door: 20 Best Stuffed Animal Subscription Boxes in 2024

Welcome to the cuddly world of comfort and joy! Imagine a box, brimming with soft, huggable friends, delivered right to your doorstep. That’s the heartwarming experience stuffed animal subscription boxes offer. Perfect for collectors, children, or anyone who could use a plush companion, these subscription boxes are a gateway to a menagerie of delight. In this guide, we’ll unwrap the 20 stuffed animal subscription boxes that promise to sprinkle a little magic into your life. Each month, these subscription boxes bring a delightful surprise, fostering a sense of anticipation and excitement that is truly priceless.


Top 20 stuffed animal subscription boxes

PlushThis Kawaii Stuffed Animals Subscription Box

kawaii stuffed animals
kawaii style accessories
Price: $62.96
Why we choose it: Experience the joy of a new, high-quality kawaii stuffed animal delivered to your door every month with PlushThis! Our stuffed animal subscription box offers a variety of adorable characters, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Share your fluffy friend’s adventures on social media and join our community. It’s a surprise friend, a monthly cuddle buddy, and a gift of joy all in one box!
What's inside:
  • 2-3 kawaii stuffed animals
  • 2-3 kawaii style accessories (stickers and small figurines)
  • Cuddly kawaii stuffed animals
  • Monthly surprises
  • Happiness guarantee

PlushThis Goth Stuffed Animals Subscription Box

emo stuffed animals
emo style accessories
Price: $62.96
Why we choose it: Goth stuffed animals are becoming increasingly popular among people today. And here, PlushThis rolls out Goth Stuffed Animals Subscription Box! This goth plush toy subscription box is perfect for collectors who love unique, personalized toys, or for those who love mystery and surprises.
What's inside:
  • 2-3 emo stuffed animals
  • 2-3 emo style accessories (stickers and small figurines)
  • Unique personalized stuffed animals
  • Emotional comfort and support
  • Perfect for gothic culture lovers

PlushThis Emo Stuffed Animals Subscription Box

goth stuffed animals
goth style accessories
Price: $62.96
Why we choose it: Discover PlushThis emo stuffed animals subscription box! Emo Stuffed Animals invites you to explore the darker, more whimsical side of cuddly creatures. From brooding bunnies to soulful skeletons, these unique plushies channel raw emotion and artistic flair. Whether you’re an emo enthusiast or simply seeking a touch of alternative charm, these handcrafted treasures await your embrace.
What's inside:
  • 2-3 goth stuffed animals
  • 2-3 goth style accessories (stickers and small figurines)
  • Carefully selected emo stuffed animals
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Alternative styles
  • A cuddly companion

Quarterly Stuffed Animal Subscription Box

exclusive Smoko products
Price: $50.00
Why we choose it: This quarterly plush subscription box from Smoko is divided into four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, which feels fun too. At the end of each season you will receive a special Smoko package containing 5-6 Smoko exclusives. Each season has a different theme, so you can experience something like the fun of opening a blind box.
What's inside:
  • 5-6 exclusive Smoko products (including plushies, stickers etc.)
  • Blind Box Surprise
  • A special Smoko package every 3 month
  • Different themes

Book and Bear Stuffed Animal Subscription BoxBook and Bear Stuffed Animal Subscription Box

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