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Unique Ideas to Display Your Stuffed Animals

Do you want to display each of your beloved stuffed animals in front of people, enhancing visual interest but without losing the convenience of free access? Sweet troubles Indeed! If you happen to need some stuffed animal display ideas, this article will provide you with detailed and unique ways on how to display stuffed animals easily and smartly!


How to display stuffed animals in room

As stuffed animals gradually take up most of the space in the room, it's time for you to come up with a way to display them. Here are a few ways to display stuffed animals in your room that are both creative and decorative.

Claw Machine

To display stuffed animals in room, a claw machine is a fresh choice. Displaying most of your stuffed animals into a claw machine can not only solve the storage problem but also avoid dust. And the wonder of all, you can play the claw machine at home, for free! At the same time, you can also set the vibes at home, as if you were in an amusement park.
If you could add a light to the top of the crane machine like in the picture below, it would become very aesthetically pleasing.
A Claw Machine Filled With Stuffed Animals
A Claw machine filled with stuffed animals

Plastic Grid Plate

Just use ties or ropes to tie the plushies to the grid plate, and hang the grid plate on the wall with seamless nails, which does not take up space and creates a beautiful backdrop to display stuffed animals, either for decoration or just to maintain a tidy environment.
Plastic Grid Plate With Stuffed Animals 2
Plastic Grid Plate With Stuffed Animals

Please note that this divider is designed for storing small stuffed animals. If you have a large collection, this method may not be suitable.

Transparent Hanging Bag

You can hang the transparent hanging bag on the wall, arrange the order according to your preference, and then put the stuffed animals in. Such a way to display your plushies is quite convenient for you to adjust their position to match the style of the room.
A transparent hanging bag for displaying stuffed animals
A Transparent Hanging Bag For Displaying Stuffed Animals


The great thing about this method is that it doesn't take up too much space and it ensures that the stuffed animal doesn't get dusty.


Without blocking the stuffed animals, the combination of rope and wooden baskets can hold them well, giving the plushies more stacking space while displaying in their full glory. When the limbs of the stuffed animals are stretched out through the gaps, it's as if they actually live in a cage.
A cage for displaying stuffed animals
A Cage For Displaying Plushies


This method will make the plush toy display more of a stacked art style, presenting a more three-dimensional aesthetic in terms of color, material, shape and other layers.

Best stuffed animals display ideas for adults

In traditional consumer perception, plushies are seen as patent to comfort children. As social pressure increases, loneliness and anxiety become the undertones of the era. Stuffed animals, with their companionship and healing features, hit the needs of the times. Stuffed animals are not exclusive to children. Adults can also display their favorite plushies in different ways to give their home or workplace a sense of freshness and a carrier for individual expression.

Put Into Furniture

Still struggling to make stuffed animals blend in with the environment? Try to put them in the furniture! Transparent coffee tables, small benches or other furniture can be perfect places to display stuffed animals.
Transparent stools filled with stuffed animals
Transparent Stools Filled With Stuffed Animals

Achieve the ideal fusion of aesthetics and functionality with this effortless method of incorporating stuffed animals into your home decor.


Fix stuffed animals on the bean bag to display them. After covering the surface of the sofa, it can still be used as a normal chair. Sitting on it, as if drowning in a sea of plushies. Let them keep you company through the night after a busy day at work to relieve your stress.
Fix stuffed animals on the bean bag to organize them
A beanbag covered with stuffed animals


Trust me, it's the perfect anxiety antidote, and it's like being surrounded by a cuddly ocean of plush toys.

Hammock Hanging Corner Net

The size of the hanging net is determined by the number of stuffed animals, which can be large or small. It is always easy to adjust and pick up when you display your stuffed animals in the corner. It won't occupy much of your room space because the corner is basically the least used place in one's house. Visually, it looks like a dream catcher made of plushies, which contains all the good wishes and romance of an adult.

Use a hammock to organize and display plushies
Use A Hammock To Organize And Display Plushies

You can lay on it with a stuffed animal if you like, it's an awesome treat!

Framed Shadow Box

Another way to display your favorite stuffed animals is to use a framed shadow box. The transparent door panels and materials allow you to choose a more diverse display style. You can use a sliding door to make it easy to access. Framed Shadow Box features a nice seal which can keep plushies away from dust and moisture, allowing for better preservation. If you want to display your favorite stuffed animals in the office, a framed shadow box can be fit inside a bookcase or on a shelf.
Framed Shadow Box For Plushies
Framed Shadow Box With Plushies

The great thing about this method of display is that it's portable and clean, so you can collect your stuffed animals for a long time and show them off to your friends whenever you want!

How to display large stuffed animals

Large stuffed animals have always been less well packed than small ones. It is never easy for people who have small houses or few storage places. How can you save room space while displaying plushies better? We provide several tips for you. Check it out!

Rattan Box or Basket

Whether in a corner or in a prominent position, the rattan storage basket, with its vintage and nostalgic aesthetic, can fit perfectly with the room environment. In addition, when you choose different sizes and openings, you can effectively store a lot of various stuffed animals. Big plushies are never a problem using rattan boxes or baskets. The material used to make it is very durable too.
Display stuffed animals with a basket


Display stuffed animals with a basket

Large plush is great for being part of a room's décor, and using the method described above, it not only saves space, it looks beautifully minimalist.

Hanging Basket

Install hanging baskets on the walls of the room, set at a height that you can reach without a ladder. Try putting stuffed animals in it, like a little zoo in the room. You can play with them every now and then. Explore another possibility of wall decoration while not taking up any floor space when displaying your stuffed animals!
Carry stuffed animals in a Hanging Basket

Carry Stuffed Animals In A Hanging Basket

Glass Cabinet

This is perhaps one of the most extensive ways to display plushies in a room, but it is also the best way to store large or other stuffed animals of various sizes. The glass or pvc material is perfect to allow in more light, create unobstructed views and enable you to see the stuffed animals clearly. At the same time, you can also customize the cabinet size at will, so you can easily rationalize the layout according to the number and size of plushies.
Store plush toys in a glass display cabinet


Store Plush Toys In A Glass Display Cabinet

Under favorable conditions, you can establish a private showroom for your plush toy collection.

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For large stuffed animals, you always have the option  putting them in a tent. Generally speaking, there is enough space inside the tent to accommodate large stuffed animals. And you can also lie in stuffed animals to have your own little space while better displaying plushies.
Fill your tent with stuffed animals


Fill your tent with stuffed animals 

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is usually adorned with lights, balls, stars, snowflakes, and other ornaments, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. But did you know? You can also use stuffed animals to add more fun and personality to your Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree with stuffed animals

Christmas tree with stuffed animlas

If you add a couple of stuffed animals to the basic Christmas tree decorations, either a cute bear or a Santa plush, it will definitely be the best idea ever, and you can even use it for a contest!


In conclusion, working and living in an environment full of stuffed animals can effectively help people relieve stress and anxiety and improve their happiness in life. Displaying your stuffed animals can add a fun element of art and creativity to your living space. In this article, we talked about several tips on how to display stuffed animals in your home and office, such as ideas on how to make a decorative display in your room, the best display ideas for adults, and how to display large stuffed animals. Whether you choose to hang them on a wall, display them in a framed box, or put them in baskets, your stuffed animals can create a unique and whimsical atmosphere in your home.



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