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16 Best Knitted Stuffed Animals Ideas For Knit & Crochet Lovers

Are you a fan of knitting? How about some knitted stuffed animals? As machine production replaced handcrafting over 200 years ago, handcrafting knitting has developed and become more of a hobby for killing time. However, knitting requires a large amount of time and attention and energy. If you're busy and don't have enough spare time for knitting, you can check out the below 16 best knitted stuffed animals from PlushThis. Those cute knitted plushies can definitely help you busy people with your love for knitting. There are also knitting patterns for these stuffed animals. You can contact our customer service for knitting patterns.

16 Best Knitted stuffed animals for crochet lovers

Lovely White Knitted Pomeranian Stuffed Animal

Lovely White Knitted Pomeranian Stuffed Animal

Introducing the enchanting lovely white dog stuffed animal! Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail using exquisite knitted fabric, this adorable canine friend is a true treasure. Its velvety-soft and snuggly texture will not only make it the most delicate decoration but also the perfect small cuddly toy for hug lovers.

Cute Hello Kitty Knitted  Stuffed Animal

pink knited hello kitty

Come meet this cute white cat stuffed animal! It is created with the finest knitted fabric and is suitable for users of all ages. Its chubby body is soft and huggable and is perfect for cuddles and imaginative play. It also has that innocent facial expression, making it even cuter.

White Whales Stuffed Animal

Knitted Plush Whales

20'' large size, streamlined body, perfect for hugging or as a cushion. This dolphin is not only for dolphin lovers but also for all people of all ages. Its simple and neat design, along with the white color design, will catch all the eyes. Its streamlined and long 20'' body is also so perfect for cuddling or as your couch cushion. In addition, it doesn't has plastic or glass eyes, instead, its eyes are made of braided fabric, which is suitable for little kids to play with. All in all, a must-have addition to any collection.

Cute Penguin Stuffed Animal

Cute Penguin Stuffed Animal

Presenting our adorable and captivating cute penguin stuffed animal, skillfully handcrafted using plush knitted fabric. This charming little penguin has cute and endearing designs. It is short and has slightly chubby body shape, which is quite different from normal penguins. With its soft knitted huggable design, it will surely bring joy and enchantment to any family and playtime. Antarctic lovers, this one is for you!

Cute White Lion Knitted Stuffed Animal

Meet our charming white lion knitted stuffed animal, beautifully crafted using high-quality knitted fabric. This adorable companion captures the regal grace of lions in a stylish and contemporary design. Embrace the allure of the animal kingdom and elevate your collection with this unique knitted treasure.

Charming White Reindeer Knitted Stuffed Animal

Introducing our adorable and enchanting white reindeer knitted stuffed animal. This delightful companion captures the essence of winter magic with its charming design and cuddly texture. Perfect for both children and adults, this cute reindeer brings warmth and joy to any setting. The white design also makes it look novel compared with normal brown reindeer. Come buy this one to add some fresh Christmas element to the house!

Elegant and Charming White Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Elegant and Charming White Unicorn Stuffed Animal

This charming and elegant knitted white unicorn stuffed animal is the perfect companion for unicorn lovers. Its cute expression and detailed craftsmanship make it a delightful playmate and a charming decorative piece. The knitted fabric adds a touch of uniqueness and texture to the toy, making it even more special. Perfect for little girls who dream of a fantasy land and unicorn enthusiasts.

Adorable Little Knitted Sheep Stuffed Animal

Adorable Little Knitted Sheep Stuffed Animal


This adorable knitted little sheep stuffed animal is the perfect companion for cuddling. This plush toy features a cute expression, floppy ears, and a fluffy body. Its small size makes it easy to hold and carry around. The cuteness will surely melt the heart of the receiver!

Cute White Monkey Knitted Stuffed Animal

Cute White Monkey Knitted Stuffed Animal


The cute white monkey knitted stuffed animal is an adorable plush toy that is sure to capture hearts. The white monkey is crafted with attention to detail, featuring a sweet expression, floppy arms, and a curly tail. Its small size makes it easy to carry around and bring comfort wherever it goes. The details are so much better than average knitted stuffed animals, making this little monkey the best and the most delicate knitted stuffed animal!

Cute White Teddy Bear Knitted Stuffed Animal

white knited teddy bear

This knitted teddy bear is made from organic cotton fabric for a smooth and skin-friendly feel. The workmanship and design is vintage, with an old-fashioned teddy bear feel, perfect for plush lovers who like to collect all kinds of teddy bears.

Elegant and Charming White Fox Stuffed Animal

Elegant and Charming White Fox Stuffed Animal


This elegant and charming white fox stuffed animal features a soft and cuddly white knitted body. It sits on its gray slim limbs and has a big fluffy tail, which makes it look elegant and beautiful. It is perfect to be a delightful decorative piece in the collection or in the bedroom. Its high-quality knit crafting ensures the durability of the piece. It will surely bring joy and aesthetics to any space with the snow-white design!

Lovely White Elephant Knitted Stuffed Animal

Lovely White Elephant Knitted Stuffed Animal


The lovely white elephant knitted stuffed animal is a charming toy that features a beautiful white knitted exterior. It is the perfect gift for children or elephant enthusiasts, providing comfort and companionship. With its adorable design and high-quality knitted fabric, this plush elephant will be the cuddly friend in bed.

Slim White Knitted Cat Stuffed Animal

slim knited cat


This cute white knitted cat is an extremely adorable and charming plush toy made of soft knitted fabric. From the very first look, you'll know that its soft and chubby body is perfect for hugging, cuddling, squishing, and smashing. It is quite a stress-releasing gadget to keep around. The knitted texture provides a unique tactile experience, which is also perfect for cuddling and comforting.

Elegant and Cute White Rabbit Knitted Stuffed Animal

Elegant and Cute White Rabbit Knitted Stuffed Animal

This cute and gentleman white rabbit-knitted stuffed animal is a delightful plush toy made of premium soft knitted fabric from PlushThis. Its white color enhances its elegance, while the carefully crafted details give it an irresistibly charming appearance. The two big ears and the yellow bow tie are also gentle and handsome. With its huggable size and fluffy texture, the skin-friendly, allergic-free, and safe fabric of this knitted rabbit is perfect for kids to cuddle.

Cute Cartoon White Alligator Knitted Stuffed Animal

Cute Cartoon Alligator Stuffed Animal

What a cute and charming little knitted alligator stuffed animal! Knitted in pure white knit fabric! Unlike the normal green color, this white color evokes a sense of cuteness. The design is cheerful, delightful, and cartoonish, with its little eyes and large and long mouth making a friendly expression, kids would feel safe and accompanied. The knitted texture adds an extra layer of coziness, making it perfect for snuggling and comforting moments.
The green spikes and clumsy chubby legs of the alligator also hit the punchline and make it one of the most creative designs!

Cute and Elegant Large Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Cute and Elegant Large Giraffe Stuffed Animal

The elegant Giraffe Plush Toy stands tall with grace, capturing the essence of a true gentleman. Crafted from cozy and soft knit fabric, this plush toy is designed to provide the perfect companionship for a peaceful slumber, offering comfort and softness support throughout the night. This adorable giraffe plush toy is sure to bring joy, gentle and polite style, and tranquility to all homes or collections.


Is it hard to crochet plushies?

Knitting definitely needs certain skills. You can't just learn for 15 mins and know how to knit a whole stuffed animal. If you want to read more about how to make stuffed animals from zero, and how to make knitted stuffed animals, you can check out the two articles above.

Should I learn to knit or crochet first?

If you have time and energy for knitting, you can try to learn knitting. Yet you don't necessarily have to learn crochet first. Since you can buy stuffed animal products directly from our PlushThis website.


See? Don't get frustrated if you don't have enough spare energy and time for your hobby. Knitted stuffed animals are so time-consuming as if they are probably just suitable for retired old people or people who have long spare time But we got you covered so that you don't have to give up your hobby! Come to PlushThis, pick the knitted stuffed animals you want, and explore more, we also have niche taste collections and popular eye-catching designs.

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