DIY stuffed animals with many different tools

Creating Unique Plushies Step by Step

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to make your own plushies? Whether you want to create a personalized DIY toy or make a special gift for a friend, making your own plushies can be a rewarding experience. With just a few simple steps, you can create a unique and cuddly plush that is perfect for any occasion. If you want to know how to make custom plushies, you can also check the following information to get a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal that is sure to bring joy and comfort to anyone.


How to make a plush toy by yourself

Making a stuffed animal is easier than you might think. With some inspiration and time, you can create your own plushies. To get started, come up with a design that you like. Then, gather the materials you’ll need and cut out the pieces for your plushie. Once you have everything ready, sew the pieces together to create your stuffed animal. With these simple steps, you’ll have a new plushie in no time!


Make your own stuffed animal based on designs

First, to know how to make your own plushies, you need to decide the art style you want to use. Instead of actually drawing one, you can totally use some AI tools to help you present the design of your ideal plush animal. Here we recommend Midjourney, which allows you to create beautiful drawings by entering a simple description.


STEP 1. Type /imagine and use the specific description to express what kind of plush toy you want.

write a prompt use midjourney

STEP 2. Midjourney will generate four images for you. Actually, you can generate designs several times according to your preference. Then choose the one you like the most. You can also add more details on top of that.

turn a AI art into real toyRemix prompt


STEP 3. If you have a preferred reference image, you can create a design drawing that resembles it. Simply upload your favorite image as a base to generate the theme you want. After filling out the description words, Midjourney will generate the same style of image as the original material for you. Now you are good to go!

 upload a file by midjourneydesign a unique stuffed animal

Tips: If you have made a design that you are satisfied with, sometimes it's hard to bring it to life. In this case, Plushthis will be a better choice for you. You can choose AI design products on the website or try to participate in social media campaigns initiated by Plushthis, @Plushthis and share your own creations. It’s possible that your design could be brought to life.


Prepare the materials needed to make a stuffed animal

STEP 1. According to your design drawing, you’ll need to determine which fabrics should be used for each part. The following fabrics are very common and widely used, so you can use them as a reference and choose a few that you’d like to try.

Cotton: Pure Cotton has a nice touch and durability in most cases. This is why it is mainly used to make clothes. It is a great choice for beginners who don't know how to choose fabrics.

pure cotton fabrics in light colors

Nylon: Nylon fabric is currently one of the most common fabrics. It is soft and very easy to modify the shape with high durability and good strength elasticity.

PlushThis high quality Nylon fabrics satin

Velvet: Velvet is soft to the touch and resembles the down of a swan. If you want a cuddly plush, you can use it as your main fabric.

PlushThis high quality velvet fabrics

Fleece: Fleece has a soft-touch and is resistant to wrinkles. However, it can be difficult to clean, so you should consider this carefully.

PlushThis high quality fleece fabirc

Felt: Felt has good adhesive properties and does not come loose easily. You can use glue on it if you are not an expert with needles and threads.

 PlushThis high quality felt fabirc

STEP 2. Creating the stuffing for your plush toy is a key step in the process. The fluffiness, feel, and thickness of your stuffed animals are determined by the filling materials. To get more support for your plush toy, try mixing soft and hard filling materials.


Plastic particles/iron sand: Iron sand is often used in leather dolls, and plastic particles are often used in plush toys. Both of them are usually used as fillers. They can be used to increase the weight of the bottom of the doll, which can improve the stability of products with unsteady gravity. At the same time, it can produce a squeezable plush.

Plastic particles


Snow foam particles: As a commonly used filling material, snow foam particles are also used on specific products. It is mainly used in elastic fabric dolls and beanbag chairs. When using it as a filler, the fabric should have more elastic so as to make the most of it since it can be compressed and deformed. However, this kind of filling requires a specific machine. For homemade products, using a funnel is also a method.

Snow foam particles


Cotton: Generally speaking, cotton filler products are toys for infants. Cotton is a pure natural, environmentally friendly, and safe material that can be mixed with other harder filler materials.

cotton stuffing


Three-dimensional hollow cotton: Most of the stuffed animal producer is now using three-dimensional hollow cotton as filling. This kind of cotton is divided into long fiber and short fiber. For hand made products, we recommended long fiber which is not easy to break.

Three dimensional hollow cotton

Tips: Over time, the stuffing inside the doll can become disordered and lose its soft and plush texture. You can wash and dry the plushies, and pat them till they resume fluffy.


STEP 3. Scissors, needles and threads, and other tools like gules and measuring tape should be prepared.

 a small box of sewing supplies

Once the materials are ready, you can start to make a plush.If you’re new to making stuffed animals, we suggest starting with plushies that have simple shapes and structures. For example, watermelon plushies are a great option. For your information, most fruit-shaped plushies are easier to make. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to more complex designs.

Cut the fabric according to the design

STEP 1. To create different parts of the plushie, such as the head, torso, and limbs, you’ll need to determine the appropriate size of the material based on the design.

STEP 2. Now you need to cut out the shape of different parts. Note that the spherical parts and square parts need to be divided into sides for splicing. Here we recommend 2-3 sides.

cut by stitch line of stuffed animal

Sew and fill the material

STEP 1. Sew the fabric to create the outline of the plush. Make sure you do not seal it completely because you need to leave a small hole to fill the cotton or other filling materials later.

 sew the fabrics

STEP 2. Stuff the filling material into the sewn fabric. You can determine how much filler you need to fill according to the fluffiness, dimensionality, hardness and weight you want.

stuffing a stuffed animal

STEP 3. When stuffing the materials, you will leave an opening in one of the seams. Now it's time to sew the hole closed using a needle and thread.

close a stuffed animal

Now, you officially made your own plushies in person!


How to make custom plushies with Plushthis

Plushthis turns everything in your life into cute stuffed animals. If you’re interested in making custom plushies, Plushthis offers a customization service where you can give them anything you want and they’ll help you create your own plushies. You can also buy retail or wholesale products directly from the website.

Design your plush toy through AI

Don’t know anything about painting, Photoshop or design? That's fine! You can still make your own stuffed animals. Simply enter descriptions into AI tools to generate your desired plush toy rendering and submit it to Plushthis. Their experts will assess the fabric, stuffing and other materials to accurately reproduce your design. If you have other needs, you can also ask a Plushthis designer to modify the details of your design. Please contact customer service for more information.

Participate in Plushthis's crowdfunding project

Plushthis uses AI tools to design and manufacture a vast number of stuffed animals on a daily basis. However, not all products are guaranteed to be produced. Plushthis will select the best designs and launch a crowd funding project, so if you have your eyes on a specific product, you can participate in the project and receive this beautiful plush toy afterward.



Is it hard to make a stuffed animal?

Not at all! If you start with a stuffed animal that has a basic structure or simple shape, it will be easier than you imagine. Sometimes you don't even need to use sewing skills, just use glue to get things done. However, turning flat pieces of fabric into three-dimensional stuffed animals requires extensive experience. Without proper experience, it can be a bit difficult to achieve the desired shape and create a high-quality stuffed animal.

How long it takes to make plush toys yourself

If you are a beginner in sewing or making plushies, it might take you quite a long time to finish it. But things will be different when your plush is simple and small or you already have a pre-made pattern. You will probably finish it within an hour. In the end, it all depends on your sewing skills, size and the complexity of your design.

How much does it cost to make your own plush?

The price depends on your design, style, quantity, material, complexity, etc. Basically, it doesn't cost any money to design it by yourself. But if you get an independent designer to draw rendering for you, it may cost more than you think. Creating stuffed animals requires materials such as stitching, fabric, glue, and filling, which can cost a certain amount of money and time to acquire. However, the joy of DIY is priceless and makes the investment worthwhile.


In conclusion, making a great plush that you are satisfied with is not that difficult. You are able to make some gifts for your loved one and produce some interesting decorations that can set the vibes for your home and workplace. What's more, you can get the fun of doing hand-made crafts from it. In this article, we talked about several tips on how to make plushies by yourself in detail, from design to production. You need to design the effect you want, prepare the materials and actually sew and cut the fabrics by yourself. One can also turn to a professional company to get help - Plushthis. They provide solutions on how to make custom plushies and surely will get you the best stuffed animals.

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