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20 Best teddy bear for girlfriend

Still struggling with how to make your girlfriend feel your love? Send her a teddy bear! Giving a teddy bear to your girlfriend is a cute and thoughtful gesture that shows how much you care for her. You can gift teddy bears on various occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just to make her happy. This article has covered you with a list of the 20 best teddy bears. Regardless of your girlfriend's preferences for color, size, material, or shape, you can find the perfect teddy bear to bring a smile to her face. Check out the list of recommendations below and find the one you love.


20 Best teddy bear for girlfriend

White Teddy Bear Luxury Stuffed Animal

White bear elegant emo stuffed animal

This cute and cuddly teddy bear is not only beautiful and luxurious but also made of high-quality embroidered lace fabric that gives it a unique and elegant look. Inside, it's filled with soft and comfortable polyester fiber, making it perfect for snuggling up. The bear measures 12 inches, making it the ideal size to hold and adore. The bear's design is truly adorable, with a purple ribbon tied around its neck, adding a touch of charm to its overall appearance. This plush toy is an elegant and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. It's perfect for those who appreciate simplicity, delicacy, and meaningful gifts. Suitable for special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or marriage proposals, it can symbolize your love and create everlasting memories of your romance and happiness.

Lovely bear stuffed animal toy

pink&white bears stuffed animal

This adorable bear is crafted from high-quality rabbit fur faux fur fleece fabric, incredibly soft, cozy, and durable. The material is carefully chosen to ensure it doesn't quickly shed hair or cause any allergies to the recipient. The bear is filled with premium polyester fiber, providing good elasticity and insulation, keeping it warm and huggable. It is sized at 10 inches, making it easy to embrace. The bear's pink and white plush fur and a plaid bow give it a charming and elegant appearance. With its closed eyes and smiling mouth, it looks like it's enjoying a sweet dream. This toy would be perfect if your girlfriend enjoys cute, sweet, and soft things and has a childlike heart. It can also be a romantic gesture - you can tie a card to it and write a message expressing your feelings or confessing your love, making her feel touched and appreciated.

Mini Bear Set Plush

Bear head plush set
The Mini Bear Set Plush is a collection of small plush toys crafted from faux cashmere and polyester, providing a soft and cozy feel. These plush bears are only 2.4 inches, making them perfect for giving as a small gift. The cute and lively bears can be transformed into various accessories such as brooches, pendants, tiaras, and more. These charming plush toys come in fun colours like white, grey, brown, and khaki, perfect for girls who enjoy humour and fun. They love gifts that bring laughter and joy, not just tears. Your girlfriend will appreciate your jokes and enjoy these playful gifts.

White Cute Polar Bear Stuffed Animal

White Cute Polar Bear Plush Toy

This adorable white polar bear plush toy not only looks cute and cuddly like a real polar bear but also has a very soft feel as it is made of high-quality PV fleece and lightweight polyester. It is 10 inches, neither too big nor too small, and can be easily carried in your arms or placed on your bed. Its design is carefully chosen to show your love and care for your girlfriend. Polar bears are loyal and brave animals that will live with their partners long and protect their families from danger. Giving your girlfriend a polar bear plush toy is like telling her you will always be with her, protect her and love her. It is also perfect for your girlfriend on cold, winter, or snowy occasions, such as winter solstice, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, or snowy days. It can be used as the warmth of your love to make your girlfriend feel your temperature and sweetness in cold weather.

Gaint Pink Bear Stuffed Animal

Cute gaint pink stuffed animal

This is a cute pink plush teddy bear featuring a pink ribbon tied around its neck, a gentle expression, round eyes, and a small nose. Its irresistible appearance will make you want to hug it at first sight. Made of PV fleece and filled with polyester, it provides a soft and cozy hand feel while being non-allergenic, non-shedding, and non-deforming. Measuring 10 inches, it is the perfect size for cuddling, using as a pillow, or even as a decorative item. This Giant Pink Bear Stuffed Animal is the ideal way to express your love to your girlfriend and bring her warmth and happiness.

Cute Polar Bear Stuffed Animal wearing Green Scarf

green ploar bear stuffed animal

This plush toy is an adorable polar bear made from high-quality, soft, and cosy PV fleece. It is lightweight and durable, stuffed with polyester, making it perfect for cuddling. The bear measures 10 inches and is ideal for laying on your bed or holding in your arms. It has a cute design featuring a warm, friendly green scarf, realistic eyes, and a nose, making it look like a real polar bear. Surprise your girlfriend with this adorable polar bear plush toy and show her how much you love and care for her. This sweet and cuddly toy is a perfect way to let her know that you are there for her every day, giving her a warm hug and keeping her company. It will surely touch her heart and make her feel loved and appreciated.

Kawaii Pink Bear Plush

Pink bear Love romantic stuffed animal

This adorable plush toy bear is designed with a cute pink bow around its neck and pink paw pads. Its fabric is made of faux rabbit fur, and its filling is a light and stretchy synthetic fibre, making it very soft and cosy. Measuring 12 inches, it is perfect to hold in arms or place on the bed. The bear has black eyes and a nose, which make it very expressive. This toy is perfect for girls who love cute, pink, and adorable things. It can warm the hearts of young girls who do not like overly mature and dull objects. Furthermore, it makes for a sweet gift to express your love and make your girlfriend feel your tenderness and affection.

Cute Teddy Bear Angel Plush

white angel teddy bear

This adorable plush teddy bear with angel wings not only looks cute and feels soft but it is also made of high-quality rabbit faux fur fabric that has a great texture and doesn't shed or warp. It is 12 inches in size, perfect for hugging or placing on a bed, sofa, table, or any other surface. The polyester fibre filling is environmentally friendly, odourless, elastic, and won't easily deform. The charming expression on its face, with its pink nose and brown paws, make it an irresistible toy that will want to cuddle and kiss. Giving this gentle and peaceful plush is a great way to express your love and show your care for your girlfriend. Such gifts are especially suitable for sacred, solemn, or memorial occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or New Year.

Cookie Bear Stuffed Animal

teddy bear stuffed toy cushion pillow

The Cookie Bear Stuffed Animal is a delicate and cute plush toy made of rabbit faux fur fabric, which gives it an excellent texture and feel. It measures 8 inches and is filled with polyester. This toy is not only great as a keychain or for decoration on clothes or scarves but also a favourite among people, thanks to its small size and soft material. The toy is designed like an adorable bear, with light brown fur, dark brown ears, a nose and pink cheeks. This toy is an excellent gift for any occasion. It's perfect for girls who love cute and soft toys and is sure to bring them joy.

Blue Purple Cute Emo Bear Stuffed Animal

A colorful bear stuffed animal

This charming and delightful plush toy is an adorable blue and purple emo bear crafted from high-quality sherpa plush fabric and filled with soft polyester fibre. The bear's design is unique and captivating, featuring purple spikes on its head and a pink scarf that adds a whimsical touch, making it a perfect addition to your plush toy collection. Measuring 11.8 inches, this plush toy is an ideal size to cuddle with and offers a comfortable companion for relaxation. It's especially fitting for those who appreciate unique and cute additions to their plush toy collection, making it a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend who enjoys charming and whimsical items.

Cute Emo Pink Teddy Bear

dreamlike emo teddy bear

This pink teddy bear is an ideal gift for your girlfriend. It has a cute and unique design, with an elegant lace fabric and a pink ribbon around its neck. The bear is 12 inches long, with a soft and smooth texture, and filled with light and stretchy polyester. Its smiling expression and adorable appearance make it a perfect companion to express your love and care. It can also be used to decorate her room to create a romantic and lovely atmosphere. It's especially fitting for girlfriends who appreciate sweet and romantic tokens of affection.

Cute and Fascinating Gray Bear Stuffed Animal

Bear stuffed animal

This adorable bear is unique, both in its charming appearance and delightful texture. Crafted from premium quality PV fleece, this bear has a soft and stretchy feel that gives it a lively and expressive look. With its durable polyester fill, this bear won't warp or shed lint, ensuring it maintains its shape and texture for a long time. This loveable bear stands 7 inches tall, making it the perfect companion to keep on a bed, sofa, desk, or carry around wherever. With this bear, you can express your love to your girlfriend anytime and anywhere, and she will cherish it as a beautiful reminder of your affection.

Gray Cartoon Bear Stuffed Animal

Side of Gray Cartoon Bear Stuffed Animal

This cute grey cartoon bear plush toy is adorable, incredibly soft, and cosy, perfect for warming and comforting your girlfriend. Measuring 12 inches, it's excellent for hugging or placing on the bed. The bear's eyes and posture are designed to show love and care, making it a thoughtful gift. Crafted with high-quality materials, the fabric is made of PV fleece. In contrast, the filling is made of polyester to maintain its original shape without deforming or fading. Furthermore, this toy can also be used as a decoration to add fun and a warm atmosphere to your girlfriend's room. It's an ideal gift for girlfriends who appreciate cute and huggable companions that can brighten any moment.

Kawaii Pastel Goth Vampire Bear Stuffed Animal

Purple Horror Bear Stuffed Animal

The Kawaii Pastel Goth Vampire Bear Stuffed Animal is a purple plush toy with a white heart on its chest, a smile, and fangs. The toy is made of rabbit faux fur fabric, which gives it a soft and cozy feel, while the polyester padding ensures lightweight durability. It measures 12 inches, making it perfect for holding in your arms and accompanying your girlfriend through every cosy night. This plush toy combines Japanese cuteness and Western gothic cultures, creating a Kawaii Pastel Goth-style product showcasing a unique personality and aesthetic. Giving your girlfriend this cute and excellent gift will show her your heart and creativity, and she will surely love it.

Purple Blue One-horned Bear Stuffed Animal

one-horned bear stuffed animal

This is a unique unicorn bear plush toy with a golden horn on its head. It has a light blue body that contrasts with the purple head, making it look striking and adorable. The plush toy is made of soft and cosy faux plush fabric. It is 10 inches in size and can be used as a cute decoration or a gift for your girlfriend to express your love and care. And this playful and distinctive plush is ideal for occasions where you want to add a touch of whimsy and creativity, making it a perfect fit for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply surprise her with something uniquely charming. It's especially suitable for girlfriends who appreciate a blend of cute and edgy aesthetics.

Large Creepy Pink Teddy Bear

a large creepy pink teddy bear

This large, scary-looking, hot-pink teddy bear is a very cute and special toy adorned with a black bow tie and sharp teeth, which will surprise and delight your girlfriend. It is made of high-quality acrylic fibre filled with polyester, providing a soft and comfortable feel, making it perfect for snuggling or displaying on your bed. This teddy bear is 12 inches long, making it an ideal gift for your girlfriend. Its unique and playful design is perfect for occasions where you want to add some humour and surprise. It's especially fitting for girlfriends who appreciate a blend of cuteness and quirky humour.

Mini Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Mini Keychain teddy bear

This mini teddy bear plush toy is a cute and unique gift. It is available in two colours, black and yellow. The black one has an orange spiderweb pattern cape tied around its neck, while the yellow one has a black cloak. It is made of faux fur fabric, which is soft and comfortable to the touch, and the filling is polyester fibre, which is flexible, lightweight, and durable. It is only 5 inches in size and doesn't take up much space; you can use it as a keychain to give your girlfriend that she can hang it on her bag. This cute and portable plush is perfect for various occasions, an ideal choice for birthdays, surprise gestures, or as a little token of affection. It's particularly suitable for girlfriends who appreciate practical and adorable items that can easily go wherever they go.

Kindergarten Bear Penguins Stuffed Animal

bear and penguin

This Kindergarten Bear Penguins Stuffed Animal is a bear and penguin combination that is very special and fun. It is made of high-quality felt and filled with polyester for a soft and comfortable feel. It measures 10 inches and is perfect for cuddling and companionship. It has a grey body with a peach-coloured belly and a small crown on its head. It has a round nose, pink cheeks and black eyes with a cute expression. It is not only a toy but also a way to show your love and care. You can give it a name or write some sweet words on its body to make it exclusive between you.

Cute Tiny Fluffy Polar Bear Stuffed Animal

Cute adorable tiny white fluffy polar bear stuffed animal

This small plush polar bear toy is an ideal gift to surprise and delight your girlfriend. It is made of high-quality faux fur fabric that feels delicate and smooth. Filled with lightweight polyester fibre with good elasticity, it is 6 inches in size and easy to carry or display. The unique design of the plush features bright eyes, a cute nose, and furry ears. Its white colour signifies innocence and romance. Surprise your girlfriend with a small plush polar bear toy that will demonstrate your affection and add a touch of sweetness to her life. This cute and charming gift is perfect for girlfriends who value innocent and romantic gestures.

Cute White Bear Knitted Stuffed Animal

Cute White Bear Stuffed Animal

This 10-inch white bear is made with high-quality knitted fabric and polyester fiberfill, ensuring it is soft and cuddly to hold. Its cute design, with black eyes, a nose, and a mouth, makes it look adorable and perfect for snuggling. It also wears a white scarf, adding a touch of charm and elegance to its appearance. This charming plush is especially fitting for girlfriends who appreciate cute and elegant additions to their stuffed toy collection, symbolizing warmth and affection.


These are the 20 best teddy bears for your girlfriend through a hand-picked selection, and you'll find the ideal one. These cuddly creatures are not just cute but also made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they will provide a cosy embrace that will last a lifetime. Each of these one-of-a-kind plush toys has been chosen for its unique features, such as its softness, durability, and charm. If you want to learn more about other teddy bears, check out PlushThis, where you'll find all the information you need to make an informed decision.


How to choose the most suitable teddy bear for your girlfriend?

Choosing the most suitable teddy bear for your girlfriend needs to consider the following aspects:
  • Girlfriend's hobbies and interests. You can choose teddy bears related to her hobbies and interests, such as those with particular themes, accessories or costumes.
  • Size and shape of teddy bear. You can choose the right size and shape of teddy bear according to your budget and your girlfriend's preference. Generally speaking, a large teddy bear can show your generosity and romance better, while a small one is more convenient to carry and collect.
  • The colour and style of the teddy bear. You can choose the right colour and style of teddy bear according to your and your girlfriend's personality and relationship. For example, pink and red teddy bears can better express your love and passion, while brown and grey teddy bears can better show your stability and maturity.

How to add some personalized elements to a teddy bear?

Adding some personalized elements to the teddy bear is a way to increase the intimacy and uniqueness between you. You can add some elements you want to teddy bear according to your creativity and skills, such as:
  • Names and labels. You can give the teddy bear a meaningful name or write your and your girlfriend's name, date, blessing, etc., sew them on the teddy bear's body or hang them around the teddy bear's neck to be your exclusive identifiers.
  • Perfume and flower petals. You can spray the teddy bear with your or your girlfriend's favourite perfume or sprinkle some dry flower petals on the teddy bear's body to let them exude your scent and romance.
  • Accessories and decorations. You can put some of your or your girlfriend's favourite accessories on the teddy bear, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., or decorate the teddy bear with some of your or your girlfriend's favourite items, such as stickers, beads, ribbons, etc., so that they show your taste and style.


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