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Bug Error Emo Teddy Bear

Bug Error Emo Teddy Bear

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Looking for a Perfect Gift for Your Geek Friends?

Looking for a unique gift for your nerdy buddy? Consider this bug teddy bear! With error marks on its face, it perfectly represents the bugs and errors your tech-savvy pal deals with. This teddy bear is great for those who work hard into the night, and the soft fabric and contrasting color make it a comforting gift for those recovering from a recent bug failure. Give the gift of comfort and humor with this bug teddy bear.

Product Details

Medium Size: 12"(30cm)
Large Size: 24''(60cm)
Fabric: Rabbit Faux Fur Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

Curative Stuffed Toys For Mental Issues

One study published in 2020 in Social Indicators Research suggested that interactions with soft toys may lead to positive emotional experiences in people. Soft toys may act as a comfort tool and provide a sense of security that patients may need.In addition, interacting with the toy may give a person something to focus on, helping them to distract themselves from their negative experiences and enabling them to feel more positive emotions. By talking to the toy, a person may also be able to self-reflect on their negative thoughts and feelings in a safe and secure way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lea Friman
My new little boy!

It's impossible for me to not love stuffed animals, so it was no surprise that I immediately knew I had to get the bear I found. The shipping was fast and the product is fantastic. Although there were some minor design flaws with the X being slightly uneven, it was otherwise flawless. The bear is the perfect size and incredibly soft. I'm definitely going to purchase more in the future.

love it

I purchased this for myself as a reminder to embrace and express my emotions.


Its a beautiful reminder of the complexity of emotions

Vicki Angie

Its so cuddly and comforting, perfect for anyone needing a little extra emotional support.


The color combination and adorable design make it unique and special.