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All About Devon Rex Cat: Cute and Funny Kittens

Cat lovers, come and check out this interesting breed of cats! Devon Rexes is an excellent option for all families to raise. It has playful nature, naughty and energetic. This is a relatively rare breed of cat, so you may need some luck to get one for your own, there are also some methods below that may help you get one of these cut and funny kitties.

Devon Rex Cats Overview

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Devon Rexs are energetic and sometimes naughty and mischievous. They are also very friendly and mild so they also love to play and interact with people. Below are some summaries of the characteristics of Devon Rex.



  • Male: 6-9 lbs
  • Female: <8 lbs

Age expected:

  • Long: 9 - 13 years


Social Ability:

  • Not verbal (but smart enough)
  • Children friendly
  • Stranger friendly
  • Mild and friendly temperamen


  • Small size
  • Body length: 18 inches long







  • Fur length: short
  • Curly hair: Yes
  • Fur color: White, Blue, Black, Cream, Red, Brown, Frost, Platinum, Fawn, Chocolate, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Lavender, Champagne, Seal
  • Coat pattern: Solid, tabby, shaded, tortoiseshell, calico, and more
  • Allergic: Not allergic
  • Brushing/grooming care: barely need brushing


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History Of The Devon Rex Cat

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Devon Rex cats were first seen and found in Devonshire or England around 1960 accidentally by a woman named Beryl Cox. She first thought the discovered breed was related to or a subgenre of the Cornish Rex breed. Later crossbreed experiments showed that Devon Rex was a new breed that came out of gene mutation. Realizing that situation, Cox wanted to keep the special wavy hair traits of Devon Rex, so later, a more comprehensive and systematic breeding program was established to produce more Devon Rex cats.

Devon Rex cat's first arrival to North America land was in 1968, imported to the USA. In 1979, the breed was officially recognized by the Cat Franciers' Association. Nowadays, although rare, Devon Rex cats can be bought from legit breeders. Devon rex cats are also recognized as one of the classic goth cat breeds. Are you a fan of gothic culture? If you are, click the link to learn more about the best goth brands.

Appearance of Devon Rex cat

devon cat

The Devon Rex cats are well known for their unique, and almost alien-like appearance. One funny little story about Devon Rex's appearance is that the unique-looking breed is said to have inspired director Steven Spielberg's E.T., based on his own Devon Rex.


These adorable felines have soft, ultra-fine fur with a wavy texture - there’s nothing else quite like it. The hair is short and wavy, which looks neat and clean. Their fur is also smooth and doesn't need a lot of care. And the short hair is less likely to fall off and thus needs less attention, saving the owners a lot of convenience.


Devon Rex cats have slender, lean, and muscular bodies. It also has four long legs, which makes its body seems even more skinny. Overall, Devon Rex's body is elegant, streamlined, and pretty strengthful.


Devon Rex cats have large eyes, large noses, high cheekbones, and rounded big ears with tufts of hair. The head overall is like a triangle upside down which is really pretty.

Legs & Paws

The legs should be long and slim. The paws should be small with an oval shape.


A Devon Rex cat’s ears are very large and are set low on the head. They are extremely wide at the base, with the outer edge of the base extending beyond the line of the facial wedge. The ears should have rounded tips. Earmuffs are permitted, as are tufts at the tips of the ears.

What is the personality of a Devon cat?

The Devon Rex is an active, energetic breed. by giving enchanting playful performances. For this, of course, Devon expects to be thanked for pets and loving attention and will return the affection with purring. Devon cats are also very friends with the ones they're intimate with and the ones that they don't. However, adults might also meet the same problem as Bombay cats, in which Devon cats can't stop once they see food.

Habits of the Devon Rex kittens

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Devon Rex cats are a human breed. As a result, they don't usually have skills or habits like wild cats in the field or nature. But speaking of traits, Devon Rex cats are energetic and need a lot of attention and company. They can be great playmates as long as you have patience and spend time with them. Devon Rex usually loves to eat as well, so please pay attention to their diets and check with vets on time.

Price of Devon Rex cats

The price of Devon rex cats is usually high since this breed is relatively rare. Yet you can still buy or breed a Devon Rex cat from $1000 to $3000, depending on the colorways and patterns of coat, color of eyes, ages, and some other factors. Maybe it's too high of a price? Or maybe you're too busy with work and is afraid there will be no time to accompany the cat? Well, maybe you should come to PlushThis and try our Devon Rex cat stuffed animal! It resembles the realistic Devon Rex and is cute and soft.

Color types of Devon Rex cats

There are many colors of the Devon Rex cats, and some common ones are White, Blue, Black, Cream, Red, Brown, Frost, Platinum, Fawn, Chocolate, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Lavender, Champagne, Seal, etc. Since Devon Rex cats are first wild and then bred by humans, there are ways to "customize" colors if you find a trustworthy breeder.

Black Devon Rex

elegant black devon cat

Black Devon Rex cats are getting more popular now. It is probably due to the retro trend of popularity and fashion of goth and emo styles. And a black cat is usually thought of as a symbol of gothic culture since black cats have long been stereotyped as bad luck and a company of witches. And of course, black-colored Devon Rex cats are becoming more popular now. With the shorthair and crumpled skin consisting of the "Alien" looking, and a thorough black color, Devon Rex cats are killing the fashion at the time. I bet you must want a black Devon Rex right? Well, you should check out this black Devon cat stuffed animal at PlushThis. There are also many other colorways for Devon Rex at PlushThis! Come explore your favorite!

White & Grey

white devon cat

White and grey Devon Rex cats are the most commonly seen color of Devon Rex cat. Besides the plain color, there can also be different patterns on their bodies. 

Compared with Bombay Cat

Bombay cat is also a very interesting cat breed. Compared with Devon Rex cat, they have many similarities and many differences as well. 

  • Bombay cats are a manual breed rather than wild, while Devon Rexs are the result of gene mutation of a wild breed of cats
  • Bombay cats are black all over the body. Devon Rexs clearly have more colorways to choose
  • Both breeds are mild and friendly, considered good personalities to get along with
  • Both breeds are foodies, which means they are both easy to get obese!
  • Both breeds are energetic and athletic


Do Devon Rex cats shed?

Barely, Devon Rex cats have very short hair, so it is not only convenient since you don't have to broom it frequently, but also beneficial for lazy people because the coat doesn't need too much cost and time to take care of. This feature is also the reason why it is allergic-free.

How much does a Devon Rex cat cost?

Usually, around $600 - $1000, depending on the breeders, colors of coat and color of eyes.

Are Devon Rex cats affectionate?

Yes, they are quite close to people, friendly to children and even strangers. Devon Rex cats are very mild animals


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