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All About Bombay Cats: The Noble and Beautiful Gothic Cat

Do you know about Bombay cats? The cats always appear with witches and wizards on cartoons and TV. If not, you should finish this article, because you will learn about a very special breed of cat that is beautiful, elegant, and gothic. This article will show you everything about this interesting breed.

Bombay cat breed overview

bombay cat

Are Bombay cats rare?

Bombay cats are actually quite a rare breed. There are very few existing in the USA. There are several reasons. One biggest reason might be that Bombay cats are not a natural breed. Bombay cats are half-bred cats that cross the black American Shorthair and sable Burmese.

Since there aren't enough certified breeders of this breed, there hasn't been too many Bombay cat in the U.S. You need to be careful choosing a breeder, and if you make up your mind to go outside the U.S. And try to find a breeder, it might take over a year of waiting on the waitlist because Bombay cats are popular.

Are Bombay cats hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, Bombay cats are not considered hypoallergenic. But don't get sad yet, for those who only have very mild cat allergies, cooperating with certain methods and solutions mentioned below, Bombay cats are still a big "OK" for raising at home.

The biggest convenience is that Bombay cats are low-shedders, which means they are short-haired cats, that require way less maintenance than other cats. If you really want to take a Bombay cat home yet are allergic, there are several things you should do:

  • clean the house frequently
  • sweep or vacuum the house at least twice a week
  • groom/brush your cat at least twice a week
  • feed them with appropriate cat food
  • wash your hands after touching the cat

What do Bombay cats eat?

Although Bombay cats are very disciplined cats, and they also have the guts for hunting prey, when it comes to eating, Bombay cats don't know how to stop. That's one of the reasons why Bombay cats are difficult to raise: It is so easy for them to get diseases like obesity and diabetes. Bombay cats don't need special homemade diets. However, you should constantly pay attention to their eating. Just preparing store-bought dry food for convenience is not a good choice because dry food often contains higher fat and calories. Consider wet or semi-wet food for your Bombay cats.

Bombay cat characteristics

bombay cat in a cozy room

Bombay is a cross of the black American Shorthair and the Burmese breeds. For appearance, Bombay cats have sleek and shimmering black coats all over its body. Bombay cats with elegant body shapes look like mini versions of the black panthers. Yet Bombay cats are half-bred breeds, so they don't have wild blood, they have to be raised in a human-caring environment. Viewing here, have a feeling for Bombay cats now? Yet maybe you're still busy or can't afford to raise a cat so expensive? Look here! We've got you the Bombay cat stuffed animal! It is black through and through and has a pair of large eyes, just like Bombays have in real life! What are you waiting for? Click the link and add it to your cart!

Bombay cat personality

We all know cats are quite independent, and some people buy cats just for the convenience that they can take care of themselves and save the convenience for their owners. But for Bombay cats, it seems they are born missing some independent guts of independence. Bombay cats need human company heavily, if you left them alone and don't have much interaction with them, they will get depressed.

Bombay cats are also very smart and energetic, they need interactions and a large amount of playtime. Some owners might even complain their Bombay cats stay up late at night and keep on playing in the house. That's both funny and troubling, making Bombay cats even harder to raise.

Are Bombay cats aggressive?

bombay cat

No, Bombay cats are not aggressive at all. They are a very mild breed. They are close to people. And since they are outgoing and like to socialize, Bombay cats are very easy to deal with, even with strangers, Bombay cats will greet them with curiosity. They are also not hostile to other animals like dogs or other cats when raised together. Some owners complain that their cats are too easy to get along with, and some of them are willing to leave with strangers.

How much is a Bombay cat?

The price of a Bombay cat is around $400 to $600. If it's a neutered adult cat, the price will be higher. The point actually is not on the price, it is on the breeding. There aren't enough verified breeders of Bombay cats in the USA, and there aren't many Bombay cats existing in the USA, so there are relatively fewer ways of getting Bombay cats.

Why Bombay cats are gothic

a elegant lady with cats

The appearance makes the most of it. Bombay cats have black coats all over their bodies, with gold and bronze-ish colored eyes. That figure perfectly fits the figure that usually appears in fictional works like TV and films. The black cats are usually thought to be accompanied by witches, and in some regions, it also means bad luck. But they are so cute and mild, just like our gothic-style Bombay cat stuffed animal at PlushThis!


Are all black cats bombay?

Definitely not, there are plenty of other breeds of cats that are black meanwhile also beautiful. For example,

  • Chantilly-Tiffany
  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • American Shorthair
  • British Shorthair
  • American Bobtail

Are all Bombay cats black? 

Technically saying, yes all Bombay cats are black since they are breed by humans so the genes determining characters or features are selected.

Can Bombay cats have white spots or patches?

Yes, they can, but typically Bombay cats are all black. And since Bombay cats are bred rather than wild, it will be viewed as a point minus the aesthetic of Bombay cats or even the failure of breeding.

Summary bombay cat sleeping on a table woth table

In conclusion, The article introduces Bombay cats thoroughly, from their appearance to their personality, the cat is beautiful and elegant. Their figures are also gothic and punky. So, why not come to PlushThis to pick a stuffed animal for yourself? Besides Bombay cats, we also have many other Goth stuffed animals!


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