How Much to Spend on Birthday Gifts in 2023

How Much to Spend on Birthday Gifts in 2023

Have you ever felt entangled or hesitant about spending birthday gifts for your besties or someone you love? Don't worry, quite a lot of people also face the same problem. Sometimes we get an expensive gift from our friends, yet we don't know how much to spend when their birthday comes. In other cases, you want to know if it is worth sending something special but expensive to your friend. Well, drop your scruple away and follow this article, we will tell you how to spend money properly for a birthday gift.

How much to spend on a child's birthday party gift?

There are different suggestions for children of different ages. For kids under 10 years old, it is always good to send some little gadgets, toys, pretend play costumes, and board games, in which most of these are less than $30. Yet for your own child, a better way for this is to discuss with the kid and decide what to buy together, know what your child wants and match your budget with it. There is also a way, you could send money directly along with a birthday card, and let children decide what to buy by themselves, or they might just save the money for later.
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How much would you spend on a gift for family members?

There isn't a certain price interval for a gift that is particular for a family member but it is believed that presents above $15 will definitely be decent gifts.
Family members are the ones that are relatively closer to us, so if you want to know what they like and you don't care if it isn't a surprise, then talk to them and communicate, learn what they like, what are their hobbies, what they are interested recently, and buy corresponding topic gifts. If they want something expensive and it is beyond your budget, you don't necessarily have to buy it, no one will blame you for not sending expensive gifts, particularly your family members. As an alternative, you can buy some related products. That way, it shows your sincerity and that you're actively concerned about your family members and know about their hobbies. That point alone will make them happy.

How much to spend on birthday gifts for girlfriend &Boyfriend?

It is essential and, meanwhile, challenging to send a gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can't send something that they don't like or is offensive, nor send something low-end. As a result, consider gifts around $50.
Besides a proper decent price, the gift itself also matters when selecting a gift. To learn about your partner, what she/he likes, what area she/he is interested in, and something you always wanted. It is the tiniest details and information exchanged in everyday life. And the memories are exclusive between you two, so if you send her/him something they mention once unintentionally, they will think you're considerate and feel taken seriously and valued by you. So, focus on details, my friends, remember them, and create your memory with your partners.
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How much to spend on a classmate's birthday gifts?

Are you unsure of how much to spend on a classmate's birthday gift? This situation is similar to giving gifts to people outside of your family. Generally, if the classmate is just a regular friend, spending $20 to $30 would be appropriate. For a close friend, such as a good buddy or best friend, gifts within the $25 to $75 range would be more suitable.
It is understandable that children may not have the financial means to afford expensive gifts, therefore sending budget-friendly presents is a reasonable choice.

How much to spend on a birthday gift for a child's friend?

When buying gifts for children, it is often recommended to stay within the price range of $20 to $30. This sweet spot allows you to choose thoughtful gifts that convey your kindness and sincerity, without overspending. So, consider this price range when shopping for presents for kids.

For 1st birthday

The 1st birthday is one of the most critical milestones in a person's life. Gifts should be chosen carefully, and they are priceless, no matter how expensive or cheap, while most parents would choose to buy gift from $10 to $100. The uniqueness and meaning are beyond any price tag in the world for sale. When babies turn one year old, many parents buy stuffed animals. Stuffed animals' prices vary a lot, they can cost around $10 and can be expensive for over $60. Stuffed animals are perfect friends for infants of this age. Stuffed animals provide companionship and a sense of safety. It helps soothe the baby when sleeping, allows them to become independent, establishes a deep bond with them, and becomes their "transitional object." So, why not come to PlushThis for the best baby stuffed animals?

For 18th birthday

18th birthday is important. It means fully growing up and becoming an adult. It has significant meaning to commemorate. A gift above $100 would be considered very generous and valuable. The young adult who just turns 18 will surely do something memorable. Sending them something memorable is also great as well. For example, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of beer, a car, etc. As a result, depending on what you send them, the gifts can vary from a few bucks all the way to several thousand dollars.

For 50th birthday

At the age of 50, receiving gifts can be a really happy thing. The elderly might not want expensive gifts like jewelry, cars, etc. Maybe a hand-written card with sincere greetings and regards will make them happy for a whole day. Cards only take a few bucks to buy, so it's not expensive at all. Yet, you have to remember to make sure that they are happy, price and money don't matter that much.


Is it okay to give cash as a birthday present?

Yes, it's fine! As mentioned above, you can send gift cards or cash and let them have the total right to decide what they wanna buy.

Is $200 too much for a birthday gift?

I can't give a certain answer to this. Whether $200 is too much or not is essentially based on your budget. If you do have $200 budget to buy a gift, then it isn't too much for you. Also, the relationship between you and the receiver matters. If you think your relationship with him/her worth a present of $200, then it won't be too much to send that gift to your good friend.

Should I let my child spend their own money?

Yes, if your child receives the money as a gift on his/her birthday, then he/she has all the right to do anything with the money. By letting them manage their own money, their experience will teach them financial literacy, planning skills and a sense of independence and empowerment.


In conclusion, the article summarizes the basic rules of sending gifts and lists suggestions under different scenarios. I believe now you have a clearer view of how to send gifts properly and leave the concerns of spending on the gifts now. If you're still considering what to send, you're also welcome to PlushThis to pick some of the best stuffed animals in the store!
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