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9.99USD Plush Toys Mystery Box

9.99USD Plush Toys Mystery Box

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Product Description

If you are a fan of plushies and mystery, then you will love this mystery box! You will receive two random plush toys from our selection of cute and cuddly creatures, such as bunnies, foxes, owls, penguins, and more. Each plushie is made of premium materials and has a soft and fluffy texture. You will have a blast opening the box and discovering what plushies you got! 

How Many Items Do I Receive? 

You will receive 1-2 plush toys in this mystery box.

How Big Are the Plushies?

Each plushie in this mystery box is between 4 and 11.8 inches (10 and 30 cm) long. They are the ideal size to cuddle and play with. You can also decorate your home, office, or car with these plushies to make your space more cozy and charming.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Feil
very cute

I got the goods already, and I must say, the blind box experience this time was lit! The two plushies I got are super cute, and I love them. The plush material is so soft and comfy to the touch that I can't get enough of it. And the price tag of $9.99 for this surprise box? It's worth it, man!


I was pleasantly surprised by the 9.99 surprise box I purchased. I didn't think much of it then, but it was interesting. Upon receiving the goods, I found three plush toys inside the box. I am particularly fond of these toys as they are great and incredibly comfortable to touch. This purchase was worth the cost!


I got my package and opened the surprise box. It's amazing, man! I can't believe I got three plush toys in it! And the price was so reasonable too. This product offers excellent value for its price. I love all of them, and they're so cute! I'm already planning to buy a couple more surprise boxes.