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Adorable Grey Elephants Stuffed Animal

Adorable Grey Elephants Stuffed Animal

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Adorable Grey Elephants Stuffed Animal

These two adorable elephant stuffed animals are the perfect addition to any home! It's a set of two, with an 8 inch size and a 5 inch size. Crafted with PV fleece and shaggy faux fur fabric, these plush elephants are smooth and comfortable to touch and caress. Colored in a gentle grey hue, this lovely pair have big ears, a small and long nose, and two small ivories on the larger size, making them even more endearing and lovable. The medium size elephant can even hold the smaller one in its arms - so sweet and loving! These elephant stuffed animals are sure to bring warmth and joy to every home.

Product Details

Medium Size: 8"(20cm)
Small Size: 5"(12cm)
Fabric: PV fleece & Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

Elephants - The Largest Mammal On Land 

Elephants are the largest living land animals on earth, they belong to the family Elephantidae, and are native to the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa, where they usually inhabit grasslands, savannas, forests, and arid regions. They are characterized by their large ears, long tusks, and trunk, as well as a distinctive grey skin. They are known for their strong and enduring social bonds, intelligence, and longevity (they have an average lifespan of up to 70 years). Elephants mainly feed on grass, leaves, branches, and other vegetation. They are highly intelligent and social animals, who communicate with their peers by tactile means (touching with their trunks actually indicates a form of greeting). Elephants are highly threatened due to habitat loss and poaching, and they are also listed as an endangered species.

About PlushThis - AI-Designed Stuffed Animals

Welcome to PlushThis, where we use AI tools to design and create real plush toys. Our plushies are very close to the AI-generated designs, with a similarity of up to 95%. However, some fabrics or patterns may vary slightly. We understand that real plushies may not be exactly the same as the AI-generated designs, but we are confident that you will love your new plushie just as much.
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I highly recommend!




Love, love, love it!


I bought this for my friends 19 birthday and she loves it!

good mo

An adorable gift for any elephant lover!