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Black Chinchilla Stuffed Animal

Black Chinchilla Stuffed Animal

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Chinchilla Stuffed Animal

If you are a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's movie Totoro and you're also into gothic style, then this black Totoro stuffed toy is the one for you. It has been carefully modified to suit a gothic aesthetic, with a few dark elements added to its design. The toy is made from top-quality cotton fabric, which is both durable and soft to the touch. The embroidery on the fabric is nothing short of impressive, giving the toy a high-end look. With its highly textured appearance, this Totoro toy is a great addition to any collection. It can also make an excellent gift for someone special.

Product Details

Fabric: Upholstery fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

What kind of creature is Totoro?

Totoro is not a real animal, but a fictional creature that was created by the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki for his film My Neighbor Totoro. He is a forest spirit that resembles a giant, fluffy rabbit with pointy ears, whiskers, and a big smile. He is very friendly and playful, and he can communicate with children and other animals. He has some magical abilities, such as flying, making plants grow, and summoning the Catbus. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hellen Sipe1

My son is rough on his toys, but this stuffed animal has impressed him. It is the perfect combination of durable and cute. He named it 'Chilly' and it goes everywhere with us. It is well made and I don't worry about it falling apart. Highly recommended!

Norene Pfannersti
A penny for a penny.

It's very cute and the quality is great. Soft, but the stitching is sturdy. Worth the purchase.

Shane Nieno

This black Gingerella is very striking. The pattern is very delicate and the craftsmanship is superb. I love it.

Perfect gift!

This was a birthday gift for my nephew. It's not just any plush, it has personality and quirky charm that is hard to find. He said he loved the gift.

Brice Rippi
Charming and unique!

I've been looking for a special gift for my daughter and this black Chinchilla plush toy fits the bill! It has a smile that brings joy. Superior quality and has become her favorite companion.