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Cartoon Cute Funny Mini Bird Stuffed Animal

Cartoon Cute Funny Mini Bird Stuffed Animal

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Stupid Brid Funny Stuffed Animal 

This adorable plush toy features a delightfully whimsical little bird design that's sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The inspiration for this design comes from the toco toucan, a South American species known for its impressively large beak. Accordingly, this plush toy also boasts a comically oversized bird beak, soft and comfortable fabric, moderate sizing, and a perfect playtime companion for children.

Product Details

Size: 5.9''(15cm)
Fabric: Nylex fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Bert Gerlac

I love this cute bird plushie! It has a simple design with a super long and pointy beak that looks adorable.

very cute

This bird plush animal is a fun and playful companion that can make me laugh and smile. It has a silly and funny feature, a soft and bouncy body, and a lively and energetic personality.

Vilma J. Lombard
Love it

This thing is so cute! I got it for my kid, but that white color just attracts dirt like crazy. Gotta wash it after every day of play.

Aaron O. Henkle
Looks funny

That bird was hilarious! I literally laughed my ass off! It totally made my day and put me in a great mood.

Preston L. Varnado
Super cute

Oh, I really like it! It's just a little small, but the cartoon design is awesome. I kinda wish you made a bigger version of it.