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Cool Punk Grey Bunny Stuffed Animal

Cool Punk Grey Bunny Stuffed Animal

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Product Description

Introducing the majestic grey bunny, the must-have punk-styled emo bunny plush toy for all the trendsetters out there! This adorable and unique stuffed animal features a unique and stylish design to make your little one stand out from other toys.This soft and cuddly grey bunny is made from the highest-grade material, making it the perfect buddy for all your adventures. Its hands and feet are black, a punky and bold contrast against its all-over matte grey body. On its chest are two embroidered crossed lines diagonally, adding to its head-turning appearance.Its most unique feature is its head. With many stitches resembling wound stitches, as well as a white cross sealed over its mouth, this bunny sure knows how to make a style statement. Plus, to complete the punk look, it also has a cute row of spikes on top of its head. And its eyes - one eye is half closed, while the other eye has a pink star in it.So don't wait, get your little one this beautiful grey bunny as a punky and unique companion to share their music-filled adventures!

Product Details

Size: 11.8"(30cm)
Fabric: Smooth Minky Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester
Color: Warm grey color
The color of the plushie may be affected by the studio lighting as well as sunlight.
Model height: Our model is 5 foot 6 inches (or about 66 inches, or 168cm tall)
When selecting a toy, you can use the height of the model as a reference for its size.

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About Punk Culture

Punk culture, a movement that originated in the mid-1970s, is a counterculture based on expressing one's own individualism that rejects the establishment and corporate values of mainstream society. Punk culture is characterized by a rejection of the standardised values and behaviours promoted by people in positions of authority, such as politicians and business owners, and instead embraces DIY culture, creativity, and expression outside of the mainstream. Punk fashion often draws from the anarchic and do-it-yourself spirit of punk, incorporating bold colors, rips, studs, and spikes. Punk culture is full of creative and rebellious spirit and is often seen as a form of self-expression.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jerald Schuli
Very Cool

This design is really cool. I love it.

Jeica Steh
Love it

I bought this cool bunny for my son, and he loves it so much.


This grey gothic bunny plush is one of the best plush toys I have ever seen. I love it.


I adore this Punky Grey Bunny! The stitching is impeccable, and the design is both unique and charming.


A masterpiece of plush toy artistry! Every detail is crafted to perfection. I love it.