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Black Owl Gothic Lolita Handbag

Black Owl Gothic Lolita Handbag

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Black Owl Gothic Handbag Stuffed Animal

Introducing our adorable 8'' black owl figure small handbag! With a gothic and simple design, it features big pink eyes, a small pink beak, and small wings on its head, resembling a charming owl baby. Made with smooth corduroy fabric, this handbag is not only playful but also practical. Carry your essentials in style with this irresistible and versatile accessory. Perfect for owl lovers of all ages!

Product Details

Size: 8''(20cm)
Fabric: Corduroy Fabirc
Stuffing: Polyester

how to dress gothic lolita?

Gothic lolita is a style of Japanese street fashion that combines elements of gothic and lolita aesthetics. It is characterized by dark colors, lace, ruffles, and Victorian-inspired silhouettes. Here are some simple steps to dress gothic lolita:

  • Wear a dark blouse with long sleeves and a high collar, and a skirt or a dress with ruffles and bows.
  • Wear black or dark stockings or socks, and shoes with straps, buckles, or bows.
  • Add some accessories like a parasol, a bonnet, a choker, a cross necklace,or gothic-style handbags like this owl crossbody bag.
  • Apply dark makeup and pale foundation.
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Customer Reviews

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love the owl

Cuteness overload with owl handbag!


Can we take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this owl handbag? Its like having a baby owl with you on the go!


This small black owl handbag is perfect for owl enthusiasts of all ages.


How cute would it be to carry my essentials in this owl handbag?

Emma Hamilton
high quality

Quirky owl love in handbag form!