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Kawaii Curious White Cat Plush

Kawaii Curious White Cat Plush

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Kawaii Curious White Cat Plush


The facial expression of this Cat Soft Toy is truly a standout feature. Its lively and vivid moustache and eyelashes depict a mischievous and endearing character. The eyes, looking away in one direction, and the slightly open mouth create an adorable and flurried expression that tugs at the heartstrings. Every glance at this toy will evoke feelings of warmth, joy, and a desire to protect this lovable companion.

Product Details

Size: 10''(25cm)
Fabric: Faux Fur Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

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Why are cats always so curious?

Cats are curious because they are hunters and prey, explorers and learners, smart and playful, hungry and cautious, social and bonding. They use their senses, body, mind, and emotions to discover the world. Curiosity helps them survive and thrive. 

Cats may be curious about different things depending on their age, food drive, safety, attention, and bonding. Kittens are especially curious because they are learning about the world for the first time. Adult cats may also retain some of their kitten curiosity if they are exposed to new things regularly. Cats may be curious about our food or objects because they look or smell like something edible. Cats like to hide in boxes, bags, or other small spaces because they feel safe and secure there . Cats may be curious about us and what we are doing because we are part of their social group. They may want to interact with us, get our attention, or join our activities. Cats may also show curiosity as a way of bonding with us or other cats.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

That white cat is so darn cute! I just love the look on its face, it's too funny. If only it could be a little chubbier, it would be even more adorable.

Melissa Barry

it's wonderful.


I love plushies, and this one just had to be a part of my collection! It's soft and fluffy, just the right size for a good cuddle. It's perfect for anyone who loves cute things, and it's well-made, so it's worth it.


OMG, this cat is so freaking adorable! I mean, look at that expression - it's just too cute!

Annette Roga

Oh my gosh, this cat looks like it's straight out of a cartoon! It's so cute and cuddly, I can't resist picking it up and giving it a big hug. It's just the right mix of sturdy and soft - exactly what I've been looking for in a plush toy. I feel like little kid again!