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Glow-in-the-Dark Goth Ghost Plush Lace

Glow-in-the-Dark Goth Ghost Plush Lace

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Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost

Introducing our spooky ghost plush toy, which is the perfect companion not only for Halloween but for any time of the year. This charming little ghost is made of an illuminating lace fabric, which can glow in the dark. Its expressive black hollow eyes add to its playful and cute appeal. Measuring just the right size, this ghost plush toy is ideal for Halloween decorations and year-round cuddling.

Product Details

Size: 10''(25cm)
Fabric: illuminating lace fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

Halloween: The festival for the dead

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday associated with costumes, trick-or-treating, and spooky fun. It originated from ancient Celtic traditions and is believed to have connections to the supernatural. Ghosts, commonly associated with Halloween, are believed to be the spirits of deceased individuals who may visit the living or haunt specific locations. They are often depicted as ethereal, translucent figures, evoking both fear and fascination. Halloween provides an opportunity to embrace the mysterious and explore our fascination with the supernatural world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maryam Osins

It's interesting! This ghost plushie lights up!

Robert Daniel
It Glow!!!

I wasn't really paying attention when I bought this thing and it turns out it glows in the dark. The other night I got up to pee and BAM! I saw this weird green ghost thing and it totally freaked me out. Honestly, I was scared out of my wits. But you know what, now that I think about it, it's kind of funny. I'm thinking of showing it to my roommate and seeing how they react.


The cozy white fabric and expressive black eyes make it impossible not to love.

Good size

The size of this ghost plush is just right.


Those big eyes look so cuteeee!