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Cute Green Dragon Plush with Pink Heart Wings

Cute Green Dragon Plush with Pink Heart Wings

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Product Description

The Cute Green Dragon Plush with Pink Heart Wings is a delightful toy that combines quality craftsmanship and charming aesthetics. Shaped like a whimsical dragon, it boasts a soft green body made from premium rabbit fur material, ensuring an ultra-soft touch and cuddly feel. The plush is medium-sized, making it easy to hold and love. The standout feature is the giant pink heart-shaped wings, meticulously crafted to detail, adding a touch of love and fantasy. The vibrant green color of the body contrasts beautifully with the pink wings, evoking feelings of warmth and affection.
This plush toy is perfect for people of all ages - from children enchanted by its playful appearance to adults who will appreciate its fine quality. Every stitch and seam is executed with precision, ensuring that this adorable dragon looks good and is durable.

Product Details

Size: 11.8"(30cm) 
Fabric: rabbit faux fur
Stuffing: Polyester

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Features & Benefits

  • Soft green body made from rabbit fur material
  • Large pink heart-shaped wings
  • Medium size for easy holding
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Expertly crafted for durability 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joshua Garis
Cute lil dragon

My 10 month old loves this dragon as it is soft and cuddly.

Maia Vonrued
The color is very beautiful

I was very surprised when I received this cute dragon plush because it is so cute and the color is very beautiful, it looks more perfect than the product picture, I love it.

Florida Dani

It's just too much of a surprise to me, it's a beautiful color, no matter where it's placed in the house you can't ignore how cute it is, my family asked me where I bought such a beautiful and cute stuffed animal.

Very soft

Highly recommended! Very soft and comfortable to hold!

Jerrell Connel

It was a perfect birthday gift for my girlfriend and these big heart wings are so full of love! As soon as my girlfriend received it she couldn't help but keep holding it in her arms, she loved the gift which was wonderful!