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Emo Kawaii Bat Stuffed Animal

Emo Kawaii Bat Stuffed Animal

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Product Description

We are excited to introduce our cute and emotional bat stuffed animal, which is a captivating addition to your collection. The adorable bat comes in pink and purple colors and has a pair of huge eyes that add a playful touch to it. The bat's large wings have intricate patterns that exude beauty and charm. This stuffed animal is perfect for those who love bats or kawaii items.

Product Details

Size: 10"(25cm)
Fabric: plush fabric
Stuffing: polyester

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Interesting Facts About Bat

Did you know that bats are the only mammals that can really fly? It's true! They fly like pros and can navigate through the air like nobody's business with something called echolocation. Basically, they make high-pitched noises and then listen for echoes that bounce back to "see" in the dark and catch even the teeniest of insects - some bats can actually make up to 200 calls every second! And did you know that bats play a really important part in keeping nature in balance? They help pollinate plants and spread seeds around different areas, which keeps the eco-system healthy and diverse.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I got this Emo Kawaii Bat for my nieces birthday, and its been a hit! She adores its big, sparkly eyes and takes it everywhere she goes. Its incredibly well-made and just the right size for little hands.


This bat plushie is the perfect blend of cute and goth. I gave it to my friend who loves all things spooky, and she was ecstatic. Its soft, cuddly, and just adorable.

Aniyah Jakubows

Bought this as a reward for my son after his school play. It is perfect! The quality is fantastic.


This bat plush did not disappoint! Its become a quirky addition to my office decor, and my coworkers asking where I got it.

Enid Ritchi

This bat plush is super cute and soft, but the wings dont hold up as well as Id hoped. Theyre a bit floppy, but its not a big deal. My kid loves it regardless, and its been through the wash several times without issue.