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Green Alligator Stuffed Animal In Two Styles

Green Alligator Stuffed Animal In Two Styles

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Green Alligator Stuffed Animal In Two Styles

These alligators would make amazing huggable friends for your kids!Snuggle up with two of our alligator stuffed animal plush toys! A great cuddle combination, these alligators come in a set of two to add some personality and coziness to any space. The smaller plush alligator is completely light green and made of PV fleece and shaggy faux fur, making it extra fluffy and chubby. The bigger one, measuring 14 inches, is made with flannel material and sports wavy line stripes all over its body. Both have a realistic roll of scales from their back to their tail, creating a life-like feel to keep your kids giggling. Keep your kids warm and cuddled with these adorable alligators for companionship. 

Product Details

Green Size: 10"(26cm)
Stripe Green Size: 14"(36cm)
Green Fabric: PV fleece & Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric
Stripe Fabric: Flannel
Stuffing: Polyester

About Alligator

 An alligator is a large reptile belonging to the order Crocodile. It is native to the United States, Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America. Alligators are typically found in fresh-water rivers, swamps, ponds, and wetlands. Alligators have powerful jaws and sharp teeth to help them catch and eat their prey. They are typically brown or gray in color and can grow to be up to 20 feet long! Alligators can live for up to 25-50 years and typically their diet consists of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Alligators play an important role in the wetlands as apex predators, helping to keep populations of other animals in balance.

About PlushThis - AI-Designed Stuffed Animals

Welcome to PlushThis, where we use AI tools to design and create real plush toys. Our plushies are very close to the AI-generated designs, with a similarity of up to 95%. However, some fabrics or patterns may vary slightly. We understand that real plushies may not be exactly the same as the AI-generated designs, but we are confident that you will love your new plushie just as much.
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Customer Reviews

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Barb Greene

The color is really good!

Martha Avery
so cute!


Kyle Pruitt
like it

The quality is excellent.


Definitely a winner!