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Emo Kawaii Pink Raccoon Plush

Emo Kawaii Pink Raccoon Plush

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Product Description

Introducing our charming pink raccoon stuffed animal, a kawaii little raccoon doll that will capture your heart! This plush raccoon is a true standout for her unique design and stylish features. Her long pink hair cascades throughout her head and face, complementing her cute black ears and adorable black soles of her feet. The short little pink arms add to her irresistible charm. Complete with a big hairy tail and captivating black eye surroundings resembling a mask, and she exudes cuteness and humor. The addition of a black velvet bow tie around her neck adds a touch of elegance. Our pink raccoon stuffed animal is the perfect choice for animecore lovers. Bring home this cute, stylish little plush toy today!

Product Details

Fabric: Long Pile Faux Fur Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

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Are Raccoons Very Aggressive Animals?

Raccoons are typically not dangerous or aggressive animals; however, they may act aggressively under certain circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial to respect their space and leave them alone. Raccoons are intelligent and adaptable creatures that play a vital role in the ecosystem, and they deserve our compassion and kindness.
It is important to note that raccoons can carry diseases and may sometimes behave aggressively, so it is best to avoid contact with them. If you notice a raccoon acting strangely or aggressively, it is recommended that you keep a safe distance and contact animal control for assistance. It is also essential to refrain from feeding, petting, or capturing raccoons. Keeping raccoons as pets is not recommended; instead, you can opt for a cute stuffed animal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Soft and cute

I am very happy with this raccoon plushie, it is just like the picture and pink is my favourite colour, great!


This pink raccoon is so unique and cute. Each of us bought one for our dorm.


I have already received the goods, and this raccoon is absolutely fine. The materials are all great, and what I especially like is its unique pink fur.

Nestor Torp

It's very cute, and I love it!

So huggable

This has become my go-to comfort plush. Its the perfect size for cuddling, and the softness is just right for a cozy hug. Plus, its always a conversation starter with its unique style!