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Sleeping Kawaii Ginger Cat Stuffed Animal

Sleeping Kawaii Ginger Cat Stuffed Animal

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Sleeping Kawaii Adorable Ginger Cat Stuffed Animal

A 12-inch ginger cat stuffed animal plush toy is perfect for hugging, cuddling, or snuggling. Its curled up sleeping position makes it great for watching TV or reading a book. This cute cat will steal your heart whether it's on a shelf, on your child's bed, or in your lap.

Product Details

Fabric: PV fleece
Stuffing: Polyester

About Ginger Cat

Ginger cats are cats that have a reddish, orange, or golden brown fur. Most ginger cats have yellow or green eyes, although some rarer types may have blue eyes. Ginger cats are famously popular and always seem to have a big, bubbly personality. They are loyal and devoted to their owners and can form strong bonds with them. Ginger cats are also known for being very active and love to chase around their toys. They are known for being a gentle, companionable, and playful cat breed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Quentin Wol

The material of this cat is very soft and inviting, but it took a week to receive it and I am very much looking forward to receiving my stuffed animal soon.

Kelly Bosc

I bought these for my twin daughters, and they've been inseparable from them since. These ginger cats are the perfect cuddle size for little arms.

Roger Prosac

For my son's birthday, I got him this Sleeping Cute Ginger Cat. He insists it's the softest thing he's ever cuddled with! It's perfect!

So good

My wife knows I miss our old cat, so she got me this stuffed animal as a surprise. It's incredibly lifelike and comforting, a sweet reminder of our furry friend. So good!

Hudson Fees
soft and huggable

It's so soft and huggable ÿ my niece takes it everywhere with her!