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Black Bombay Gothic Cat Stuffed Animal

Black Bombay Gothic Cat Stuffed Animal

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A Lace Fabric Bombay Black Cat 

We are thrilled to introduce this black Bombay cat plush toy to our collection. Its big, expressive eyes are truly captivating and the ultra-soft lace fabric ensures it is perfect for snuggling up with. This versatile stuffed animal can be used as a spooky decoration or a cozy companion. It's an ideal gift for cat lovers and gothic enthusiasts alike. We are confident that this plush toy will bring joy and comfort to all who welcome it into their home. 

Product Details

Fabric: lace fabric
Stuffing: Polyester 

How Many Breeds of Black Cats are There?

There are 22 black cat breeds, each with unique traits and personalities. Black cats are beautiful and mysterious animals that have been associated with various cultures and legends. Some more black cat breeds are Bombay Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Scottish Fold, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, and American Curl. These breeds have different features, such as thick coats, folded ears, curly hair, or curled ears. They also have different temperaments, such as gentle, playful, lively, or sociable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

What a fantastic find! This plushie is not only adorable but also has a quality feel to it. Its been a comforting companion during my study sessions.

Grayce Wes

I couldnt resist this Black Bombay Gothic Cat plush for myself. Its a charming piece that adds a touch of whimsy to my bookshelf. Plus, its so soft and huggable!

Laverne Sawa

The plushie is almost perfect, except the eyes are a tiny bit wonky. Its not noticeable unless youre looking closely. Still, its one of the cutest plushies Ive owned.


I gifted this to my girlfriend, and shes been in love with it since. Its a great size, and incredibly soft, and the gothic look is just her style. It was the highlight of her birthday!


My daughter has allergies, so real pets are a no-go. This Gothic Cat plush has become her furry friend, and she loves it to bits.