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White Voodoo Doll Cat Plush

White Voodoo Doll Cat Plush

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Product Description

Are you looking for a unique and charming gift for someone who loves gothic style and cats? Look no further than the White Voodoo Doll Cat, a plush toy that combines the best of both worlds. This adorable cat is made of soft white fabric with contrasting red and black details, such as its ears, paws, and stitching. It has button eyes that feature a star and a heart design, adding a touch of magic and mystery to its expression. It also has a heart motif on its chest, symbolizing love and loyalty. The White Voodoo Doll Cat is a perfect companion for anyone who appreciates artistry and whimsy in equal measure. Order yours today and get ready to cast a spell on your recipient!

Product Details

Fabric: Faux Suede
Stuffing: Polyester
Model height: Our model is 5 foot 6 inches (or about 66 inches, or 168cm tall)
When selecting a toy, you can use the height of the model as a reference for its size.

Is a voodoo doll considered to be evil?

There is a common misconception that voodoo dolls are used for evil purposes, such as harming or cursing someone. It's crucial to keep in mind that voodoo dolls don't have any inherent power to harm or curse anyone. Rather, they are usually utilized for magical purposes and are considered to be a representation of the person they are created to represent. It's worth noting that voodoo dolls are also a product of Western popular culture, where they are often portrayed as instruments of revenge or evil in movies, books, and TV shows. However, in traditional voodoo practices, the use of voodoo dolls is more focused on healing, protection, and bringing positive change to people's lives.

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Customer Reviews

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Trenton Schambe

It's awesome, so cozy and cute on my bed. Love it!

Campbell J

I bought it to my girl and she loved it!

Mae Ward
Cool Stuff

I got this cat plush toy for myself, and it's honestly the coolest thing ever! It's super soft and cuddly, and the colors are so bright and vibrant. Plus, it was worth the price. I'm really happy with my purchase!


What a perfect blend of art and cuddliness!


Whenever I look at this plush toy, it brings me punk vibe.