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Super Cute Big-eyes Monkey Stuffed Animal

Super Cute Big-eyes Monkey Stuffed Animal

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Product Description

This 8’’ small sized monkey stuffed animal plush toy is sure to bring smiles to everyone. It's covered with soft and fluffy brown fur fabric that makes it irresistibly huggable. Its big eyes will enchant your heart with its unique design and the mouth is funny and endearing, with exposed leather among all the fur, bringing an extra chuckle with every embrace. This lovable creature is sure to be the perfect companion for anyone. Snuggle up with this cute little monkey and give your loved ones a special gift that will bring lasting joy.

Product Details

Fabric: Faux Fur Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester


  • Soft and fluffy brown fur fabric
  • Big eyes and funny and endearing mouth
  • Perfect cuddle companion
  • Makes a great gift and brings smiles to everyone
  • Irresistibly huggable
  • Enchanting eyes that will capture your heart
  • Brings extra giggles with every embrace

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