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White Jellyfish Stuffed Animal

White Jellyfish Stuffed Animal

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Product Description

If you are a fan of jellyfish and plush toys, then you will definitely adore this cute and cuddly jellyfish plush toy. It comes with big, round eyes and a small mouth that give it a charming look. The toy is being held up by a hand in the image, which gives you an idea about its size. This plush toy is perfect for children or anyone who is fond of sea creatures. You can use it as a decoration, a toy, or even a companion. This plush toy makes for an ideal gift for anyone who loves jellyfish and cute items. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy the beauty of this amazing creature!

Product Details

Size: 12"(30cm)
Fabric: Lace Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

A soft mythical species in the ocean-Jellyfish

Jellyfish are free-swimming aquatic animals with a soft, gelatinous body. They are members of the phylum Cnidaria, which also includes corals, anemones, and hydrozoans. Jellyfish come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from 1/4-inch diameter (0.5 cm) to more than 6-and-a-half feet (2 m) in diameter. Most jellyfish have a life span of between a few hours to several months. They feed on small fish and other marine life, and usually reproduce via eggs and sperm released into the water. Although jellyfish stings can be painful, they are not usually life-threatening.
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Customer Reviews

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Its the perfect companion for snuggling up with during bedtime stories or for providing comfort during moments of relaxation.

love it

I love how this white jellyfish stuffed animal adds a touch of whimsy to my home decor.


This white jellyfish stuffed animal is a true treasure.