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Kawaii Japanese Ninja Dog Stuffed Animal

Kawaii Japanese Ninja Dog Stuffed Animal

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Japanese Ninja Dog 

This kawaii dog stuffed animal is sure to delight anyone who loves the Japanese ninja theme. With its white coloring, two black belts, grey musk covering its eyes, two big white ears with black patterns, white hair with purple edges, white beard, and two small black wings, this white ninja dog plush toy is sure to be the talk of the room and sure to bring smiles to young and old alike. Perfect for boys and anyone who loves ninjas and ancient warriors, this stuffed animal is sure to be a crowd favorite. Pick up your own white ninja dog stuffed animal today and show off your warrior style!

Product Details

Size: 8"(20cm)
Fabric: Smooth Minky Fabric
Stuffing: Polyester

Ninja Culture In Japan

Ninja were specialized warriors from Japan who followed an ancient martial arts style. They were trained in various weapons, tactics, and stealth methods, making them highly effective fighters in battles against much larger forces. They were also known for their espionage and sabotage techniques. The ninja were a part of Japanese history from the 14th to the 19th centuries and were kept secret for many years. They trained in special schools, passed down their knowledge to chosen descendants, and used a variety of weapons and martial arts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I am deeply fond of this dog stuffed animal. It is incredibly soft and crafted with great attention to detail. It is truly remarkable, and I am delighted with my purchase.


No worries about wear and tear, my friend. This plush is built to handle some serious lovin.

Monica Amber Bryant

You won't believe how soft and snuggly this plush is. Perfect for cuddlin' up!


From kids to grown-ups, everyone will be delighted by this adorable ninja plush.?

Mabel Kim Wolfe

Calling all ninja fans: this white ninja dog plush is epic!?