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Get ready to explore the wondrous world of nature with Wild Republic! The brand has been a proud pioneer in creating realistic and educational stuffed animals and toys based on wildlife since 1979. In this article, you will learn about Wild Republic’s history, mission, products, features, reviews, and more. You will also find out where to buy and how to wash Wild Republic toys. Join us and explore the beauty of nature with Wild Republic.

What kind of brand is Wild Republic?

Since 1979, Wild Republic, based Independently in Ohio, has offices around the world and has been offering joy to consumers worldwide with a very wide range of nature-themed toys. It is not only a retailer and manufacturer of natural animal toys and stuffed animals, but it also serves zoos, museums, aquariums, and retailers around the world. For nearly four decades, Wild Republic's realistic stuffed animals and toys provide an educational, fun, and relaxing way for kids to explore the world of wildlife and nature. The Wild Republic's mission is to create toys that fulfill all the imaginations of wildlife and wild animals that we can't see in the cities. Let children learn and know the essence and beauty of nature and lives.
Wild Republic is also a brand well-known for its hospitality and value for customers. The core values of the brand state that:

  • Seek to Understand and Respect
  • Be Nice and Truthful
  • Be the change
  • Get it done!
  • Own and Lead
  • Collaboration
  • Be Real and Smile

Overall, Wild Republic is a very enthusiastic and energetic brand with animal toys of excellent quality.

Product features of Wild Republic

Wild Republic offers great stuffed animals of the best quality. One of the most significant advantages of the brand Wild Republic is that it covers a wide range of categories of different animals. It has 26 sub-brands, each with a distinct topic. There are also nine stuffed animal categories, covering diverse issues and various animals worldwide. Wild Republic has more than that. The store Wild Republic also has buckets, rubber ducks, binoculars, backpacks, etc.
The other two outstanding advantages of Wild Republic are that the pricing of Wild Republic covers a wide range. From below $10 to more than $40. They are fulfilling all demands while delivering fair product quality matching the prices. Lastly, the environmentally friendly concept is deeply rooted in the brand. Thus stuffed animals and toys are made of eco-friendly materials.

Where are wild republic toys made?

However, I couldn’t find any information on where Wild Republic toys are manufactured. Many plush toys are manufactured in China. It’s possible that Wild Republic toys are also manufactured in China.

Where to buy Wild Republic?

Wild Republic has retail stores located throughout Ohio and several other locations in the United States. If there isn't a store near your location, you can check their official website to browse and purchase stuffed animals. Once you have made your selection, your order will be packed and shipped to your home within one week.

Are there any alternatives to Wild Republic?

PlushThis is an alternative to Wild Republic, another best stuffed animals brand, because they offer the best stuffed animals with the most novel designs and cute appearances.
They also have a comparable alternative product line called the realistic stuffed animals series that is equivalent to Wild Republic’s amazing stuffed animals. Shipments are offered worldwide as well. If you are looking for more collections, you can visit their website at PlushThis and find your perfect plushie today!

What do consumers say about the Wild Republic?

Most consumers are satisfied with the stuffed animals of Wild Republic. The eco-friendliness is also a bonus for many customers.
On Amazon, the average rating of Wild Republic is 4.5 out of 5 stars. ReviewMeta, a relatively objective institution with review authority, has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. And most of the products from Wild Republic have over 4.3-star ratings, proving the quality is legit and excellent.

How to wash wild republic stuffed animals?

You can clean stuffed animals from Wild Republic naturally, even though they are made of eco-friendly materials rather than natural or synthetic ones. Just use a gentle cycle in the washing machine with warm water and mild soap, or hand wash them carefully with a soft cloth and gentle detergent.

The 5 most popular Wild Republic Stuffed Animals

Below are five products that are reviewed and thought to be the best stuffed animals from Wild Republic.
This great white shark stuffed animal is one of the exclusive lines of the Cuddlekins ultra-plush wildlife toys. It is deliberately designed to look realistic. It is also extremely soft and squeezable. The fabric has very short hair which makes it extremely smooth. The shape is so great for cuddling or used as a cushion on the couch. Be aware though, it has big plastic eyes so even if the fabric is allergic free, it's not appropriate to let young toddlers play with it.


Hammerhead Shark Stuffed Animal - 8"


This hammerhead shark stuffed animal in 8'' is one of the mini Cuddlekins sea creatures stuffed animals. It is also very soft and smooth, with a unique hammerhead design. Cuddle up and enjoy! The 8'' size perfectly fits well in an arm. The fabric is smooth and soft. It can stretch well too, which makes it perfect for squishing, smashing, and cuddling. It's just the hammerhead, although it's a very realistic figure, sometimes it's not that convenient for cuddling up. Only under certain gestures, you can hug it comfortably.

rel="nofollow noopenner" Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12"

The collection turns the artistic realistic drawings and designs into super realistic, highly detailed plush animals, and the flamingo stuffed animal is one from the collection. The fluffy hair makes it less likely huggable because they are long, which means a less smooth touch. But the color match is delightful and the body shape is really realistic. The thin and long legs are pretty aesthetic as well. I believe it will be delightful and cheerful as a decoration in American indigenous wildlife lovers' house.

Rescue Dog - Husky

The Rescue Dog series of Wild Republic provide the best rescue dog stuffed animals in the market. Their rescue dogs are the most realistic. With the sublimation printed fabrics used, even the smallest detail is captured. They also have sound chips that can bark when turned on. The sounds are not too bad, and at least the dog barks are loud and the barks accord with the right breed. It is weighted as well, making it less comfortable to hug while making it more stable, and suitable for making a decoration.

Snuggleluvs Alpaca

Introducing Snuggleluvs, specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety. With their added weight, extra softness, and optimal cuddling size (38 cm), Snuggleluvs are a stress-relieving companion for all ages thanks to its huge size and figure. Alpaca is quite rare and not a lot of people know this specie. It is surprising and novel to unbox this product. And of course, it does have great fabric quality and is suitable for cuddling. It looks nice for decoration among the collections as well.
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In the world of stuffed animals, Wild Republic stands out as one of the best brands available. Their adorable designs, lifelike series, and focus on eco-friendliness have earned them a dedicated following. The quality of their products is also top-notch. However, if you're located outside the U.S., consider checking out PlushThis for alternative, even cuter, and more unique stuffed animals.


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