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16 Unique 18th birthday gift basket ideas For boy&girls

Are you bothered not knowing what gifts to send on a close friend's birthday? Well, don't worry! We have some unique ideas for sending gift baskets that can definitely help you with your problem. Gift baskets are usually filled with stuffed animals, make-up, and little toys, a perfect way to send multiple presents at the same time for birthday!

Birthday gift basket

The birthday gift basket is a relatively novel way of sending gifts. A basket can consist of several items and small gifts. There are many advantages of sending a gift basket.
First of all, a gift basket contains several items, so you may put various objects into the baskets. For example, you can put stationery, a letter or birthday card, some toys, some candies, and snacks inside the basket. That method of sending gifts is a versatile "would never go wrong" choice, which helps a lot of people solve the problem of "not knowing what to send", and "not knowing how much to spend on the gift" problem.

Interested now? Below are some suggestions for the items that you might want to put into a gift basket for your friend's 18th birthday.

8 Unique 18th birthday gift baskets for girls in 2023

The 18th birthday is one of the most important milestones in a person's life. For girls, sending them a gift basket filled with stuffed animals would be great. It is not a childish thing. Quite in contrast, cute stuffed animals are something they might actually need after they turn adults.

Cute and Elegant Large Giraffe Stuffed Animal

cute and elegant large giraffe stuffed animal

This elegant Giraffe Plush Toy stands tall with grace. It looks like a gentleman wearing a scarf in the autumn. It is crafted with knitted fabric and is designed to provide the perfect companionship for sleeping in bed, offering comfort and warmth through the night. It is a great addition, whether as a sleeping buddy or a decoration. It is indeed a great option as a gift, but you certainly do need a larger basket for this one!

Cute and Cuddly Planet Plush Toy

Wihte Cute Planet Plush Toy

This planet toy is so soft and cuddly. It will steal your heart with its cute irresistible smile. Its cheerful expression, round black eyes, and four short limbs are so cute and appealing. Crafted with super soft material and coming in a fluffy texture, it is the perfect companion for young girls who will move out for college soon, fits well in a small basket for its small volume as well.

Cute Valais Blacknose Sheep Stuffed Animal

Cute Valais Blacknose Sheep Stuffed Animal

Awnnn! What a cute fluffy Valais Blacknose sheep! This stuffed sheep brings the fluffy white clouds of bushy hair right in front of you. It is so soft and snuggly, and its fluffy material adds an extra layer of coziness, making it a delightful companion for all ages, making it perfect for young girls who love cuddling and hugging. Don't even mention how surprising it is for girls to find this out in the basket!

Cute and Attractive Egg-Stuffed Animal

cute and attractive egg stuffed animal

This cute and attractive stuffed egg animal is adorable and it will definitely capture your heart! It features a cute and cuddly egg shape with a soft and velvety texture. It is designed with a sweet and friendly face, which will always make you delighted. It also has a compact size and of course a lovable design. This egg stuffed animal is perfect for snuggling, decorating, or gifting for playfulness. It is pretty handy as well, great as an extra attachment to fit in the small room of what's left in the gift basket.

Cute Adorable Pink Flamingo Stuffed Animal PlushThis

Cute Pink Flamingo Stuffed Animal

This is a unique and charming pink flamingo plush toy. It is covered in soft and smooth fluff, which gives a cozy and comforting feel with its huggable body and long neck. Its big black beak and iconic wings can't be missed out! Perfect for girls who love indigenous American culture, birds, animals, and nature. It can be a really good decoration for showing personality.

Colorful Narwhal Stuffed Animal

The Colorful Narwhal Stuffed Animal is a whimsical and enchanting toy that brings joy to both children and adults alike. With its vibrant hues and captivating design, this stuffed animal narwhal exudes an aura of playfulness and magic. Its carefully crafted details, from its shimmery silver horn to its sparkling eyes, make it truly come to life. The smooth fabric is so perfect for cuddling in bed, even teenagers who just turned 18 will like them. The colorful hues are also dopamine-stimulated. If the girl loves Kawaii, then you'll have put this in the basket for her, you won't regret it.

Chubby and Cute Snowman Stuffed Animal

chubby and cute snowman stuffed animal

This adorable snowman stuffed animal features the winter wonderland with its chubby white appearance. Its cheerful smile and open arms create an inviting gesture, cozy and delightful. It is pretty handy as well. This adorable snowman is crafted with love and attention to detail, one of the best stuffed toys as birthday presents for young ladies in a big surprise gift basket!

Black Pink Emo Plush Bunny Stuffed Animal

black pink emo plush bunny stuffed animal

Introducing the emo bunny plush, an unforgettable and unique toy for those with a niche taste! This adorable stuffed animal features a light pink, minky-soft body contrastingly paired with a black head and feet. On the pink body, a lacy collar and two red hearts on either the soles of the feet or in the middle of the forehead make for an eye-catching detail. This is the perfect one for those who love gothic culture or emo culture. With such a niche style, quite a lot of 18 yo girls might actually like it!

8 Unique 18th birthday gift baskets for boys in 2023

Cool Punky Grey Bunny Stuffed Animal

cool punky grey bunny stuffed animal

Introducing the majestic grey bunny, the must-have punk-styled plush toy for all the trendsetters out there! This adorable and unique stuffed animal features a unique and stylish design. This soft and cuddly grey bunny is made from the highest-grade material, making it the perfect buddy for all your adventures. Its hands and feet are black, a punky and bold contrast against its all-over matte grey body. Plus, to complete the punk look, it also has a cute row of spikes on top of its head. And its eyes - one eye is half closed, while the other eye has a pink star in it. Who said it's "fem" or "fag" for guys to have stuffed animals? This grey bunny is so cool, and must be one in your basket!

Blue White Whale Stuffed Animal

Introducing our adorable Blue Whale Plush Toy, a perfect companion for kids! This charming plush toy features a captivating design, with its vibrant blue color and whimsical appearance. Crafted with attention to detail, it showcases the gentle nature of these majestic creatures. Made from high-quality materials, the plush toy offers a soft and huggable texture, providing both comfort and playtime fun. I bet even at the age of 18, guys still need soft and comforting pillows right? Then here it is, an aesthetic and cuddly whale stuffed animal! If that guy values practical functions over other factors, then this super soft whale pillow stuffed animal deserves a spot in the gift basket.

Bear Penguins Stuffed Animal

Introducing our adorable Penguin Bear, the perfect combination of cuteness and silliness! Designed especially for kids, it brings joy and laughter to playtime, sparking their imagination and inviting endless adventures. The Penguin Bear boasts a delightful charm that will captivate children of all ages. Made from soft and cuddly materials, it offers a comforting and huggable experience, providing a sense of security and companionship. If you still have space in the basket, just take it in, no young man can reject this cute little stuffed animal in a delicate gift basket!

Cartoon Cute Funny Mini Bird Stuffed Animal


This adorable little bird stuffed animal will make you giggle with joy. The bird’s bowling pin-like body with a round head like a circle ball exaggerated long orange carrot-like nose, and small black circles with white circles as its eyes are sure to make anyone smile. The wings are dark blue cones attached to its body and the brown legs are ultra-thin with three claws at the bottom completing this funny yet cute figure. With its comical and silly looks, cartoon fans will love it at first sight!

Arctic Blue Voodoo Scary Bunny Stuffed Animal

This voodoo-themed stuffed animal toy is perfect for a niche taste 18-year-old boy. It is a creepy arctic blue bunny, with a bewildering expression created with stitching running from ear to ear. The oversized black eyes with stitched around them give the doll a menacing stare and the additional black patterns on the bunny's body help give a unique look. If you're looking to up the creep factor for your horror movie die-hard fan friend, this is the perfect birthday gift for him.

White Ninja Dog Cool Stuffed Animal

This cute and mysterious stuffed animal plush toy is sure to delight anyone who loves the Japanese ninja theme. With its white coloring, two black belts, grey musk covering its eyes, two big white ears with black patterns, white hair with purple edges, white beard, and two small black wings, this white ninja dog plush toy is sure to be the talk of the room. Perfect for boys and young men if they love watching Japanese animes like Naruto.

White Gothic Unicorn Stuffed Animal


Introducing our enchanting Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush Toy! Its eyes, two large black flowers, exude a sense of wonder, while the small yet incisive horn adds a touch of magic. Wrapped in lacy fabric, this unicorn showcases elegance and grace. The delicate flower patterns embossed on its body add a touch of intricacy and charm. Each detail is meticulously crafted to create a truly enchanting companion. To complete its ethereal look, a veil gracefully adorns the back of its head, adding an extra touch of enchantment. This is such a beautiful yet weird work of art, perfect as a gift for someone with a unique taste. And if it is your friend whose taste matches this style, then this unicorn is a must-have in your basket.

Scary Pink Bunny In Jail Stuffed Animal

This pink stuffed animal bunny plush toy is a creepy and unusual addition for your Halloween fan friend. The plush toy features a pink bunny dressed in purple and light blue jail suits, with two large ears on its round head and black-out eyes with light blue pupils. The defining feature of this toy is its nasty, contorted mouth, giving it a ghoulish appearance that will bring a chill to the air. If your friend's birthday happens to be around Halloween, then make this pink stuffed animal bunny plush toy part of your birthday gift basket for true horror!


Having any ideas for a basket? Well, if not, let me tell you this, a big surprise gift basket full of stuffed animals might be a perfect choice as well! Take reference to the above 16 products from PlushThis. Also, don't forget to come to PlushThis and explore more styles and designs! We have the best stuffed animals on the market, collaborate with AI technology, and manufacture by high-end crafting machines.

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