Collection: Goth Bunny

Discover the enchanting world of our Goth Bunny collection, a treasured part of our Goth Plushies range. These plush toys redefine charm with a unique twist, blending the mysterious allure of gothic aesthetics with endearing cuteness. The Goth Bunny stands as the most beloved character in our gothic collection, captivating hearts with its striking designs. From elegant black lace and mysterious purple velvet to shimmering silver accents, every detail embodies a perfect fusion of gothic depth and playful warmth. Ideal for children seeking a whimsical companion and collectors drawn to unique gothic-themed keepsakes, our Goth Bunnies are more than just toys; they are a gateway to a world of imagination and storytelling. Each bunny carries its own distinctive story, ready to be unfolded and cherished. Embrace the allure of our Goth Bunnies and add a touch of gothic charm to your collection.


How to get the best deal on Goth Plushies?

You will Win the most favorable way to buy and free shipping by the best option as follow:

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How long does it take to ship and deliver my Goth Plushies?

The timeframe for the delivery of your Goth stuffed animals will depend on the geographic location of the delivery. Delivery time can range from fast delivery in7-10 daystoremote areas where delivery can take up to 15-20 days.We guarantee that your package will bedelivered within 20 days.

Are your Emo Plushies safe and high-quality?

Plushthis has strict production quality control standards, and its stuffed animals are made from high-quality raw materials. Plushthis has partnered with factories supporting famous brands such as LEGO, Disney, Squishmallows, and many more.

How did PlushThis' Goth Plushies come to be?

The original owner of PlushThis is a huge fan of stuffed animals and subculture art including Emo, Goth and Kawaii. Her dream was to blend subculture art with stuffed animal designs and create a unique brand. Hence, PlushThis is committed to promoting subculture design styles. If you are interested to know more about the PlushThis brand story or the founder, you can visit the About Us page or check out the founder's collaborations.