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20 Best Stuffed Animals for Anxiety in 2023

Ever feel anxious? Do you miss the stuffed animal friends that were there for you during your childhood when you were lonely and anxious and worried? In fact, stuffed animals are the best companions for adults as well. They can silently accompany you when you are facing worries, anxiety, and depression. You can chat with them, you can cuddle them to sleep and give you a relaxing night.Below are the 20 best stuffed animals chosen by our team for coping with your anxiety, depression, or panic attack.

20 Best Stuffed Animals For Anxiety Full Guide

Elegant Black Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Black unicorn stuffed animal

Remember the unicorn from Alice in Wonderland? Unicorns are supposed to be the most popular fantasy animal. It has the courage and noble horn of a war horse. This unicorn stuffed animal has a lace fabric material, looks handsome, noble and cute, seeing it seems to bring you back to the fairy tale world, which will surely help you relieve your anxiety.

Mini Toast Stuffed Animal

Toast Plush

Isn't this toast plush with a smile on its face adorable? Its smile seems to carry magic, and looking at it makes you feel replenished with your own mental energy. It's compact size is easy to carry and place, you can put it on your work desk and look at it and touch it anytime.
The best part is that it is very cheap, only cost $5.99, if you like you can even buy ten pieces to spread your table all over.

Cute Cartoon Astronaut Stuffed Animal

Cute Art Doll Astronaut Plush

The cartoon cute astronaut stuffed animal is an adorable and huggable companion for space-loving kids and adults alike. If you have a dream of being an astronaut, this plush toy can bring you endless fantasies about the stars. All you need to do is place it in a prominent place and look at it, you will feel the inner peace and relieve your anxiety

It is 35 centimeters high and is made of PU leather material fabric, which is very unique.

Art Penguin Stuffed Animal

Art Penguin Stuffed Animal

This is a nerdy penguin with an artistic flair. It is 25cm tall and made from a very comfortable Smooth Minky Fabric fabric. Ideal as a bedside toy to give you a peaceful night's sleep.

White Bunny Stuffed Animal

bunny stuffed animal

This black and white bunny looks angry looking, but doesn't he look so cute that he looks like he wants to make people smile. The material of this rabbit toy is also very skin friendly, it looks fierce but is very soft to cuddle.

Pink Sloth Stuffed Animal


Pink Sloth Stuffed Animal


If you love sloths, then you should look no further than this adorable and cozy plush toy. This cute 12" sized sloth stuffed animal toy comes in 2 colors, light pink and light brown, which are all pastel and curative. Just looking at the coloring will improve your bad mood, plus the funny smile and the mask on its face, you would soon start laughing after staring at it for a while. Oh yeah, it is super suitable for cuddling as well!

Gothic Pink Fox Stuffed Animal


Gothic Pink Fox Stuffed Animal


Hey! Look at this stylish little pink fox stuffed animal, is there any difference compared with normal ones? Definitely! Don't forget about its pair of huge hairy ears, you may pinch them once in a while to release your stress.

 Magical Cute Unicorn Stuffed Animal

a colorful unicorn plush toy

You're already an adult and are afraid of people saying you being childish to get a girlish toy? Just ignore them! Check on this magical fantasy unicorn stuffed animal. It is colorful and definitely will make your life more colorful, the smooth low pile faux fur and the body shape make it so great for cuddling and hugging. Also, if you like hair braiding, you can untie the unicorn's hair and braid it however you like, it is time-consuming but give yourself some time to calm down and leave the bad things behind.

Cute Lovely Light Green Crocodile Stuffed Animal


Cute Lovely Light Green Crocodile Stuffed Animal


Stop being anxious and look here, what a goofy silly crocodile stuffed animal! Such a fat chubby body, sluggish eyes, and short legs. No one would hold their smile back when seeing this cute crocodile. Also, if you like to cuddle and hug, this one is perfect, the fat body is huge which makes it elastic for squishing.

Cute Panda Stuffed Animal Cushion PlushThis


Cute Panda Stuffed Animal Cushion PlushThis


Don't like those fancy stuff, instead just want some practical and simple company aside you after you get off from work? No problem, we got you covered. Look at this brown and grey panda stuffed animal, I wouldn't say it is life resembling or vivid at all because it is basically shaped into a cushion. With the simple design, the panda is just perfect for lying down on it, releasing your stress, and staying by your side after a day's full load of work.

Cute White Puppy in a Mug Stuffed Animal


White Dog Stuffed Animal in a Mug


Awwnnn! Look at it! What a cute little puppy sitting inside a mug! That orange cup with a blue handle is definitely the highlight of the whole design, and the little shy puppy sitting in the mug with two light pink dimples is also so cute and adorable. Most importantly, it is detachable from the mug, which makes it more fun and playable!

 Cute Adorable Knitted Little Stuffed Animals PlushThis


Cute Adorable Knitted Little Stuffed Animals PlushThis


Not one, not two, but four! Come see our knitted stuffed animal set which has the number of 4 stuffed animals in the pack. They are rhino, frog, giraffe, and fox. They are colored in four different colors, so you'll never feel bored. They are soft to bring to bed, and you won't find it hard falling asleep alone with them surrounded and companies by you.

 Cute Brown Elk Stuffed Animal


Cute Brown Elk Stuffed Animal


This little cute elk stuffed animal seems normal at first sight, but you'll find it cuter and cuter when you hold it in your hand. The fluffy hair on its hands and feet will tickle you to keep laughing, so you'd forget about everything that bothers you. Oh! Its legs are stretchable, you can pull them from one end to the other, which is pretty stress-releasing too!

Adorable Purple Octopus Stuffed Animal

a Octoput plush toy

This octopus is so great! I personally own one. This octopus is so cute and lovely, the dots pattern on its body is pretty beautiful and vivid. The light blue color under its tentacles and belly is also very comfortable and stress-releasing. I love to squish its big head and pinch its curling tentacles when I'm nervous, so it might help you as well!

Blue JellyFish Stuffed Animal


Blue JellyFish Stuffed Animal


This blue jellyfish is definitely not the type for touching and cuddling, but you can definitely use it as decoration in your room. It has colorful light pink tentacles made of lace fabric. The differentiated blue color on its head is also very funny and cute. Its eyes are simply two black dots, which add charm to its cuteness. When you're tired of chasing deadlines or late-night work, just lift up your head and look at it, this kind little cute jellyfish will chase all the unhappiness away!

Large Brown Sloth Stuffed Animal

Large Brown Sloth Stuffed Animal

Wait! There's another sloth in the neighborhood! And this one, it is a life-like realistic sloth. With the size of 24" and long hair on its body, it really resembles real life sloth figure. For its size, you can hug it however you want to, and it will surely help reduce your anxiety.

Lovely Cute Fluffy Pink Bird Stuffed Animal

pink angry bird



Do you love Angry Birds? If you do, you must check on this one! It is a little cute pink-colored bird stuffed animal toy. It is small, yet has a very exaggerated afro get pink hair on its head. It is its anger that leads to the afro hair, it looks both funny and cute. It reminds you not to get panicked and nervous, or you will look just like it.

Pink Beagle Stuffed Animal


Pink Beagle Stuffed Animal


Come look at this cute pink beagle stuffed animal! It is featured Gothic style costumes and lace fabric, which feels rustling, and that feels unexpectedly good, and quite stress-releasing. The unique touch along with the elegant appearance, it would definitely calm you down, chase all the anxiety away!

Street Art Kitten Stuffed Animals


Street Art Kitten Stuffed Animals


Feeling depressed because no one understands you cause of your niche taste hobbies? Try sympathizing with this cat! This street art punk-style cat is rarely understood. It also craves others' recognition. Make friends with it and stick together! It will walk you through those anxiety and depression problems!

Steiff Teddy Bear

Steiff Teddy Bear

Do you still miss the teddy bear that accompanied you as a child? Then buy a new one, it will still be your best friend, accompanying you and helping you relieve your anxiety and all the bad emotions.
Steiff is the first brand in the world to create teddy bears that are original and of high quality.
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Factors to Consider

Softness of material

The softness of the material greatly determines whether stuffed animals can lessen stress or not. This is because people with anxiety or depression often need something like fidget toys to play or pinch with in order to release their stress. As a result, the softer the material is, the better for people with anxiety to play with the toys.

Whether is physical contact friendly

Quite a lot of people with anxiety would love to interact intimately with their stuffed animal toys, so those stuffed animals should have smooth and soft fabric. A soft stuffed animal for cuddling is life-saving for them. Remember to avoid long hair or high pile faux fur, since they are commonly used for life-like stuffed animals, which aren't suitable for cuddling.

Display appearance

Not just the touching, hugging, and cuddling work for soothing one's anxiety, but the coloring, appearance, and figure also help improve one's mood visually. So picking the right animal kind and proper coloring matching to display your stuffed animals is quite important.

How do stuffed animals help with anxiety?

There is no certain conclusion or research study showing that stuffed animals can be systematically used for curing mental issues or easing anxiety, yet many people find it useful in helping them release stress, although it is subjective, there are several guesses for the potential reasons for how stuffed animals can ease anxiety. First of all, stuffed animals bring people back to status when they are young kids. Kids don't have much burden and mental stress in their childhoods, stuffed animals help them rewind their memories and help them recall their childhood status, which might lessen the stress. The second reason, which is more actual, is that stuffed animals of good quality are often soft and smooth, which gives users great feeling and helps them release dopamine, which is a source of happiness, so people would feel good and calm down when squishing and cuddling a stuffed animal.

You may look up this article by TIME to find out how stuffed animals help with anxiety: How Cuddly Comfort Objects May Help Adults with Anxiety.


There are many ways for you to lessen your stress from anxiety. Maybe choosing the right companionship for yourself can help you overcome the rough time easier, at least you got something by your side. So, why not pick a stuffed animal for yourself at


What are comfort objects for anxiety?

There are many things and many ways to help release stress and anxiety. For example, stuffed animals, pillows, and the hottest fidget toys like magnetic cubes and rollers spin. There are also things you can do, such as squishing instant noodles which is pretty resembling to squishing a stuffed animal.

Why are stuffed animals so comforting?

Because they remind you of your childhood memories. And of course, they are soft and smooth to cuddle and hug, and they never judge you for anything you do.

Is it good to hug a stuffed animal?

Absolutely! Hugging a stuffed animal is so curative and so perfect for people of all ages!


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